2018 Ford Fiesta Interior capacity

Interior side profile cutaway to the interior of the 2018 Ford Fiesta with a man walking towards the vehicle

How much room is there in the 2018 Ford Fiesta? 

There are many things to think about when buying a new vehicle, but one of the most important is the interior space of your vehicle. While most drivers think that they need to buy a vehicle that is large and over-bearing, that isn’t always the case. A compact vehicle like the 2018 Ford Fiesta can provide more than enough space for most people and all of the cargo they need to bring along. Continue reading

Greenhouses to visit spring 2018

Gardening supplies on a wooden plank with text reading Greenhouses near Jacksonville, NC

Greenhouses near Jacksonville, NC 

With spring underway, and summer right around the corner, there is no better time to get outside and enjoy nature. If you’re looking for something fun to do outdoors, consider taking the time to plant a garden this summer. Those who are looking to put together a garden this summer can visit one of these greenhouses near Jacksonville, NC in Onslow County.   Continue reading

Ford announces new features on the 2019 Ford Fusion

Front quarter profile of the 2019 Ford Fusion parked in front of a modern building

What technology is available on the 2019 Ford Fusion? 

With every new model, vehicles get more and more technologically sound. The 2019 Ford Fusion is one of the many Ford vehicles that will be equipped with a plethora of new technology features. While you won’t be able to find the 2019 Ford Fusion anywhere for a while, you can learn all about the new systems that will be added to the vehicles.  Continue reading

2018 Ford C-MAX Hybrid comparison

The 2018 Ford C-MAX Hybrid parked by a sidewalk near a wooden fence

Which 2018 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Trim level should you choose? 

Car shopping involves doing a lot of comparisons to decide which vehicle is the best fit for you. You have to narrow down the perfect car by looking at a variety of different offerings from a lot of different manufacturers. However, the comparisons don’t stop once you’ve picked a vehicle. After you decide, you’ll have to compare the trim levels on the vehicle to determine which one has the features that you want. Even on a vehicle like the 2018 Ford C-MAX Hybrid, which only offers two trim levels, you’ll have to do a comparison to determine which one is best for you. Continue reading

Take a look at the new Ford Co-Pilot360™ system

2019 Ford Edge ST driving down a street with trees

Ford Co-Pilot360™ announced as standard on new 2019 Ford models 

Many drivers on the road are tempted by distractions. Whether you’re trying to change the music or your mind is just wandering, there are plenty of ways that distracted driving can go wrong. With all of the distractions on the road, it’s no wonder that new vehicles are being equipped with a plethora of advanced driver safety technologies. If you’re looking for a well-equipped vehicle that can help keep you safe on the road, you’ll want to consider a new Ford vehicle.   Continue reading

Interior passenger dimensions in the 2018 Ford Fusion

2018 Ford fusion driving over a bridge in a city

How much room is there in the 2018 Ford Fusion? 

There are many drivers who are turning away from sedans to instead shop for crossovers and SUVs. While having a large vehicle can be useful, there is something to be said about the classic sedan. When you choose a sedan like the 2018 Ford Fusion, you’re choosing a vehicle that has plenty of potential, as well as a deceptive amount of interior space.  Continue reading

2018 Ford Explorer Fuel Economy

2018 Ford Explorer driving around a corner on a moutain

How fuel efficient is the 2018 Ford Explorer? 

Having options is important when you’re going to buy a new vehicle. Most people are looking for a model that provides them with everything that they need, like high-powered performance, plenty of interior space, and excellent fuel economy. For many drivers, fuel economy used to be a secondary concern, but now higher fuel economy makes a vehicle much more attractive. If you’re looking for a full-size SUV that offers fuel efficiency, the 2018 Ford Explorer is definitely a vehicle to consider.   Continue reading

Exterior color options on the 2018 Ford Focus

Two People walking toward the 2018 Ford Focus parked by a stone building on a cobble stone patio

What color should you pick for your 2018 Ford Focus? 

When you’re looking for a new vehicle, you want something that will reflect your personality. With the 2018 Ford Focus, you have a bevy of options that will showcase your personality to the extreme. For one, drivers can choose between a hatchback model and a sedan. While you can judge a person on the vehicle style they drive, the main thing people notice about your vehicle will likely be the exterior color. Continue reading

How to increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency

Closeup of the dashboard gauges in the 2018 Ford Escape

Easy ways to increase the fuel economy of your vehicle 

When you’re hitting the open road, you want to make sure that you’re able to spend as much time as possible actually on the road. While it is nice to think about, most drivers who are going on a car trip will find themselves spending plenty of time stuck at the gas station filling up the tank and draining their wallet. In order to make the most of the time you have driving, following these tips can help you increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.   Continue reading

Engine and Performance options in the 2018 Ford Escape

2018 Ford Escape parked alongside two people on a picnic in a park

Which engine should you choose in the 2018 Ford Escape? 

There are many different aspects to consider when buying a new SUV, but performance is definitely one of the most important. When you’re choosing your vehicle, you have to think ahead to what you actually want from it. While it is easy to choose the most powerful engine or to just go with the standard option, you might end up regretting it if you don’t do your research. On a vehicle like the 2018 Ford Escape, it is important to know which engine option is the best fit for you.   Continue reading