Getting awesome with the 2014 Ford Escape in Jacksonville, NC


The 2014 Ford Escape in Jacksonville, NC allows you to get up and go wherever your heart desires.

2014 Ford Escape Jacksonville, NC

“This car has some pickup; the Escape can go!”

Preceded by an enthusiastic “Wow,” the quality that Kelli highlights to kick-off Ford’s EcoBoost Challenge video remains a favorite among drivers who find themselves behind the wheel of a 2014 Ford Escape. Thanks to the EcoBoost technology available in the popular SUV, drivers can’t help but feel the difference between the quick-natured Escape and the rest of its flat-footed competition.

To put it in quantifiable terms, each 2014 Ford Escape in Jacksonville, NC equipped with the automaker’s 1.6L EcoBoost engine delivers acceleration-friendly power to the tune of 184 foot-pounds of torque. The 2014 Honda CR-V pales in comparison with 163.

The 20 foot-pound discrepancy between Escape and CR-V directly corresponds to many of the comments heard in the video linked above—especially Tina’s. Tina remarks that Ford Escape “Takes off really fast” and exhibits good power compared to the CR-V.


Jacksonville drivers enjoy each curve of the daily commute courtesy of Escape’s EcoBoost performance.

For local drivers who may be unfamiliar with all that EcoBoost brings to the table, the engines are designed precisely to deliver the type of experience that Tina felt behind the wheel. A vehicle like the 2014 Ford Escape in Jacksonville, NC is engineered with a combination of efficient combustion technologies and a deep-breathing turbocharger. Adding turbocharged airflow to an engine has always had an impact on the vehicle’s torque output—and that, in turn, has an effect of the vehicle’s acceleration.

If there’s one thing in the video to playfully take exception with it, it’s Dustin’s question about when Ford went out and decided to get awesome. Sanders Ford would like to think that Ford has been making automobiles awesome for more than 100 years. We certainly understand the exciting feeling of experiencing EcoBoost for the first time, however.

Whether or not you’ve previously had the pleasure of feeling EcoBoost torque power, Sanders Ford invites local drivers to test drive the 2014 Ford Escape in Jacksonville, NC today. Click to view the Sanders Ford inventory or contact the dealership directly for more information on Ford Escape’s EcoBoost advantage.

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