Head outdoors with the 2014 Ford Escape

2014 Ford Escape outdoor accessories

2014 Ford Escape

Summer is almost here, so we’re helping our drivers prepare for outdoor adventures with these 2014 Ford Escape outdoor accessories. Drivers can outfit the SUV with all of the best gear for exploring the great outdoors.

2014 Ford Escape outdoor accessories

Folding kayak carrier – if drivers want to take a break from the road to explore the open water, they can pack up the 2014 Ford Escape with the folding kayak carrier to securely transport their kayak to the nearest body of water. When the carrier is no longer in use, drivers can simply fold it down to reduce wind resistance and make sure their ride is as efficient as possible.

Upright bike carrier – Jacksonville is packed with several bike trails and paths, so drivers looking to explore the road on two wheels instead of four can use the 2014 Ford Escape and its available upright bike carrier. The carrier is solid and sturdy to ensure drivers transport their bikes as easily as possible.

Sportz SUV tent – when drivers decide to escape from their day-to-day lives, they can head out to the wilderness with the 2014 Ford Escape. When they need a place to rest their head for the night, drivers can convert the cargo area into a bed while also utilizing the Sportz SUV tent, which offers a 9’ x 9’ sleeping area. The tent can sleep four to six people depending on the driver’s needs. Whether they want to keep the tent attached to the Escape or leave it free-standing, they have the freedom to adjust it with ease.

2014 Ford Escape Jacksonville, NC

The 2014 Ford Escape looks for adventure outdoors.

For more information on the equipment available with the 2014 Ford Escape, contact the team at Sanders Ford today. We can also set you up with a test drive for the new 2014 Escape.

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