2014 Ford Flex in Jacksonville, NC earns top billing from KBB


Whether the 2014 Ford Flex in Jacksonville, NC is retro or modern, it’s a great option for local families.

2014 Ford Flex Jacksonville, NC

If you have a family and often drive from Point-A to Point-B and back to Point-A again, then the 2014 Ford Flex in Jacksonville, NC may just be your new best friend.

Coming from a local Ford dealership, we understand the skepticism toward any personal bias that Sanders Ford may have. Fortunately for your inner skeptic, the family friendly qualities of Ford Flex have earned the endorsement of an illustrious outside source—the one and only Kelley Blue Book (KBB).

Each year KBB compiles a list of the day’s top family vehicles, and Ford Flex is among them for 2014. Twelve vehicles in total were selected to represent the cream of the family transport crop, but few provide the distinctive flavor of family travel that local drivers get with the 2014 Ford Flex in Jacksonville, NC.


Even with car seats and boosters, the 2014 Ford Flex is plenty spacious for the entire family.

Set apart by its blended marriage of the vintage and the modern, the editors at KBB quickly recognized that the 2014 Ford Flex “marches to its own beat.” But while unique styling is certainly attractive, it’s not winning any vehicle Top Family Car billing. Digging beneath the vehicle’s retro-mod exterior, the folks at KBB discovered an incredibly spacious interior that provides a great environment for backseat passengers of all ages.

Starting with the youngest family members, KBB notes that Flex is one of the most car-seat friendly vehicles available today. Even when accommodating rear-facing child safety seats, interior space is not dominated as so often happens inside other family vehicles.

The spacious accommodations that a car like the 2014 Ford Flex in Jacksonville, NC allows for are a product of the vehicle’s generous design. Though the vehicle in no way feels overly large on the outside, Ford Flex actually leads its segment with respect to legroom—a quality that growing teenagers are sure to appreciate.

If KBB has convinced to you picture what your family could bring to the 2014 Ford Flex in Jacksonville, NC, the vehicle is available at Sanders Ford. Click to view the dealership’s current Ford Flex inventory or simply stop by the showroom on Lejeune Boulevard today.

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