Brake service specials in Jacksonville, NC


Save money and stay safe with the brake service specials in Jacksonville, NC at Sanders Ford.

Brake Service Specials Jacksonville, NC

It’s strange to think that brake maintenance is not a topic that draws more of our attention. When you think about it, each time the brake pedal is pressed our expectation is that a 3,500 pound vehicle traveling 30 miles per hour will quickly come to a halt. Of course, diligent engineering has developed a system by which this happens on a highly consistent basis—but that still doesn’t mean the process should be taken for granted as often as it is.

The brake service specials in Jacksonville, NC at Sanders Ford are designed to help local drivers ease into the idea of considering the condition of their brakes on a more consistent basis. Those who take a look at the Sanders Ford service specials page will often find valuable coupons for a variety of maintenance procedures, including brake inspections, pad replacement, and more. Deals on all of these are currently available through the end of May 2014. Continue reading

Certified pre-owned Ford in Jacksonville, NC


Look to Sanders Ford for Certified Pre-Owned Ford in Jacksonville, NC.

Certified Pre-Owned Ford Jacksonville, NC

The background check has become a common part of the world in which we live. From employers to financial institutions, it is in the best interest of organizations to safeguard the well-being of business by considering the credibility of those they do business with.

The background check is not only for human agents, however. In the same way that an employer strives to ensure that every hire who will represent their business will do so in an dignified fashion, automakers strive to ensure that the vehicles bearing their name will fully represent the manufacturer’s commitment to quality. This results in one form of an automotive background check—a process that directly benefits local drivers shopping for Certified Pre-Owned Ford in Jacksonville, NC. Continue reading

2014 Ford Flex in Jacksonville, NC earns top billing from KBB


Whether the 2014 Ford Flex in Jacksonville, NC is retro or modern, it’s a great option for local families.

2014 Ford Flex Jacksonville, NC

If you have a family and often drive from Point-A to Point-B and back to Point-A again, then the 2014 Ford Flex in Jacksonville, NC may just be your new best friend.

Coming from a local Ford dealership, we understand the skepticism toward any personal bias that Sanders Ford may have. Fortunately for your inner skeptic, the family friendly qualities of Ford Flex have earned the endorsement of an illustrious outside source—the one and only Kelley Blue Book (KBB). Continue reading

Sanders Ford celebrates 50 years of Mustang with large donation

2014 Ford Mustang Jacksonville, NC

50 years have passed since the Ford Mustang first launched.

On Sat. Apr. 19, 2014, the team at Sanders Ford celebrated 50 years of the Ford Mustang with its Ford Mustang’s 50th Anniversary Car Show. The event offered custom dash plates, trophies and collectible Mustang swag for winners of the door prizes. All of the proceeds from the event are being donated to Relay for Life of Onslow County, which is taking place this Fri., Apr. 25, 2014 at 4:30 pm. Continue reading

Getting awesome with the 2014 Ford Escape in Jacksonville, NC


The 2014 Ford Escape in Jacksonville, NC allows you to get up and go wherever your heart desires.

2014 Ford Escape Jacksonville, NC

“This car has some pickup; the Escape can go!”

Preceded by an enthusiastic “Wow,” the quality that Kelli highlights to kick-off Ford’s EcoBoost Challenge video remains a favorite among drivers who find themselves behind the wheel of a 2014 Ford Escape. Thanks to the EcoBoost technology available in the popular SUV, drivers can’t help but feel the difference between the quick-natured Escape and the rest of its flat-footed competition. Continue reading

Welcome to Sanders Ford!

Ford dealer Jacksonville, NC

Help our team at Sanders Ford celebrate another 75 years of automotive excellence.

Welcome to the Sanders Ford blog! Here our drivers, prospective car buyers and returning customers will be able to receive up-to-date information on the latest vehicles, as well as details on local events and helpful automotive tips and tricks. We hope to keep the automotive conversation going even before/after you’ve visited our dealership lot.

Our team at Sanders Ford is proud to be part of one of the leading dealerships in the Jacksonville, NC area. We also serve drivers throughout Swansboro, NC and surrounding areas with some of the best new vehicles in the automotive industry. Continue reading