2015 Ford Mustang Goes to Outer Space

Ford Mustang Outer Space

A 50th anniversary is a very big deal, especially in the automotive industry where a half century of success is an extremely rare achievement. That said, it is one that Ford has reached with its iconic pony car — the Ford Mustang. To celebrate that anniversary, Ford is pulling out all the stunts. At the New York Auto Show, when the Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition was unveiled, Ford also had a 2015 Ford Mustang overlooking the city from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, just as the pony car did 50 years ago when it was making its debut.

While the observation deck of the Empire State building is one of the highest points in the country, it wasn’t high enough for the Ford Mustang. To ensure the 2015 Ford Mustang gets elevated to the heights it deserves, Ford sent the pony car into space. That’s right, outer space.

Since strapping an actual 2015 Ford Mustang to a rocket didn’t seem like a brilliant nor inexpensive idea, Ford took another route by creating a high-altitude weather balloon that can rise to the outer boundaries of earth’s atmosphere. The weather balloon featured a mounted Revell Mustang model car and cameras were attached to record any explosions or alien life the Mustang might find as it hovers the bounds of the earth.

You might be surprised to learn that the model Mustang only took about an hour and fifteen minutes to reach its max altitude, which was about 21 miles in the air before it began falling back toward the ground.

After a treacherous descent, the team was able to track down the remains of the Mustang about six hours after it launched.

Red 2015 Ford Mustang

While you might not see the next-generation Ford F-150 or Ford Escape hovering the boundaries of earth, you can find them on our Jacksonville NC Ford lot. Schedule a test drive and stay posted for more information about the next-generation Ford Mustang.

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