2015 Ford Mustang reshapes knee airbag technology

2015 ford Mustang Knee Airbags

2015 Ford Mustang Knee Airbags

What comes to mind when you think about the 2015 Ford Mustang? Immediately, you probably think about its new EcoBoost powertrain option, its independent rear suspension, or its revamped styling. The fact is, the Mustang is synonymous with performance, but with that performance comes a responsibility to ensure the Mustang is as safe as it is fast. While the entire Ford lineup is known for its advanced safety, those attributes sometimes get overlooked when talking about a performance car. That said, we want to show you the lengths Ford is going to make its new pony car as safe as possible and that is clearly apparent with the addition of 2015 Ford Mustang knee airbags.

While there are an abundance of advanced features in the 2015 Ford Mustang, one of most useful may also be one of the most simple. The Mustang’s glove-mounted knee airbags protect the knees of the occupant in the passenger seat. While knee airbags are included on other vehicles, the glove-box mounted version works a little differently.

As you probably know, the glovebox is a plastic outer panel that is attached to the inside of the passenger side door. The airbag is wedged between the front and rear door of the glovebox and deploys when the passenger side airbags are activated. A traditional knee airbag has to fully inflate while the glove box air bag is 65 percent lighter and can be inflated using a smaller inflater.

This is the first injection-molded glovebbox airbag in the Ford lineup, but according to Ford spokesperson Ed Saenz, Ford is considering other applications, so we may see it in other Ford models soon.

The 2015 Ford Mustang knee airbags are included in every trim and configurations. Look for them when the Mustang arrives in Jacksonville N.C. this fall.

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