Pricing announced, orders open for next-generation Ford Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang Price

2015 Ford Mustang Price

Each day that passes by is another day closer to the arrival of the 2015 Ford Mustang at Sanders Ford, but it feels like we got a lot closer today than we have over the course of the past few months. Why? Because today Ford officially released the 2015 Ford Mustang price and the company is now accepting orders from Ford dealers (that’s us!) for the next-generation models.

Without further delay, the 2015 Ford Mustang price will start at $24,425, including destination and deliver. That will be the starting price for the entry-level model, which is equipped with a 3.7-liter V-6. Like the other engine offerings, the base model features an available six speed manual or automatic transmission with paddle shifters. While no horsepower and torque specs are available at this point, the base model is expected to generate 300 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque.

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The 2015 Ford Mustang will offer a variety of new features that weren’t available on the outgoing model. Most notably, the next-generation pony car will feature an independent rear suspension to improve ride quality and driving dynamics. Other new standard features include a rear-view camera system, HID headlights, push-button start, and the Ford SYNC interface, among others.

2015 Ford Mustang Price

There are a few others things to take notice of here. First, the 2015 Ford Mustang starts at about $1,000 more than the 2014 base model. With the abundance of new features and performance components, the next-generation Mustang looks to be an excellent value for drivers in this segment.

Now that orders are available, interested parties can visit our Jacksonville and Swansboro, N.C. Ford locations and go through the order form to ensure the model you want arrives with the first shipment of 2015 Ford Mustang models.

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