What features are different with the 2016 Ford F150 vs the 2015 Ford F150

2015 Ford F150 vs 2016 Ford F150

The 2016 Ford F-150 is made to easily pull a boat or trailer.

2016 Ford F150 vs 2015 Ford F150

The Ford F-series trucks have been and always will be some of the best, most capable, most reliable vehicles around, and for the new 2015 model year F150 models, drivers may have noticed an interesting change in terms of its body construction: it is made of aluminum.

Not just any kind of aluminum, but military-grade aluminum alloy, which reduces the vehicle’s overall weight by 700 pounds and increases efficiency and affordability. Continue reading

#Flashback Friday: Ford Ranger

can I still buy the Ford Ranger in Jacksonville NC

Find the Ford Ranger in our used inventory!

Can I still buy the Ford Ranger in Jacksonville NC?

The pickup truck is a thing of art. It has to be stylish, powerful, efficient and just big enough, but not TOO big. There seems to be a thin line every once in awhile and in the past, automobile manufacturers sometimes erred on the side of caution. A new concept of pickup trucks was introduced: the compact pickup. Continue reading

Official 2016 Ford Mustang release date for Jacksonville NC

2016 Ford Mustang release date When you want to get a new car, there just isn’t anything quite like the Mustang. It is fast, fun, fierce and iconic. The Mustang is a great vehicle no matter where you are going or doing, except perhaps if you are going on a long road trip with a packed vehicle. However, when you get a Mustang, typically, you really aren’t getting it with the intention of taking a family road trip! The Mustang is meant for performance and after 50 years of being in production, we’d say that designers and manufacturers have put a lock down on the segment. Continue reading

The Shelby holds its title as one of the best sports cars around

2015 Mustang Shelby GT350 handling system pros and cons

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 handling system

Drivers whose main goal is to drive fast have a lot of options, but with those options comes the need for safety and security, no matter how fast you’re driving. One of the vehicles as of late that has been in the spotlight for its improved handling and stronger chassis is the Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang.

The 2015 Ford Mustang is already more well-equipped to handle curvy roads and high speeds than many of the other available sports cars, but the Shelby GT350 Mustang is the kind of car that sets the bar for others to follow. Continue reading

How did the Gran Torino get its name?

Classic Gran Torino for sale Jacksonville NC

Classic Ford Gran Torino for sale near Jacksonville NC

There are a few vehicles around that make us excited to get behind the wheel, but the Gran Torino is one of those that makes us REALLY excited because of its classic style and iconic design. The Torino was manufactured between the years of 1968 and 1976. Its main market was drivers who want the look and feel of driving a sports car but they also want enough space to be able to fit cargo or multiple passengers.

The Gran Torino was named after the Italian city of Turin, which, according to some, is the equivalent of Detroit. The Torino was extremely popular for awhile and still is, actually, because there are a number of drivers who really enjoy its throaty engine and its clean lines. Continue reading

2016 Ford Super Duty truck technology

2016 Ford Super Duty truck technology

The Ford Super Duty trucks are expected to be smarter than ever in upcoming years.

There is a certain sense of prestige that comes with driving a Ford F-series truck. That is, the F-series vehicles are more powerful, more efficient and safer than ever before, so it’s hard NOT to feel like you’ve got one up on the rest of the drivers on the road. We love the Super Duty trucks because they are incredibly sleek and make other heavy-duty, hard-working trucks look like Tonka trucks (not to be confused with the F-650/F-750 trucks). Continue reading

Is Ford SYNC safe for new drivers?

Is Ford SYNC safe for new drivers?

The Ford SYNC system can help keep drivers safe.

When it comes time to get a new vehicle, there are some features you just can’t ignore. For example, many of the new Ford vehicles that are on the market today come with quite a few fun features and advanced technology that make it easy to handle and fun to drive. One of our favorite features is Ford SYNC, which is Ford’s elite infotainment system that can do everything from place phone calls to play music. Not only is this system a great way to stay connected at all times, but it is also a great way to stay safe and alert while driving. Continue reading

Customize your Ford Mustang right from your desktop computer!

Custom Ford Mustang design shop in Jacksonville NC

You can make your own dream Ford right at home!

Custom Ford Mustang design shop in Jacksonville NC

The Ford Mustang is one of the most popular, legendary vehicles around and no matter what type of vehicle you end up with when searching for your next vehicle, there is just always something about the Mustang that drivers can fantasize about. The Ford Mustang is that car that you get when you want to make a statement. You will be noticed in the Ford Mustang, firstly because well, it’s a Mustang, but secondly because the new model year Ford Mustang is exceedingly cool and high-tech. There are few vehicles out there that can even begin to compare to the Mustang. Continue reading