How does Ford’s Active Park Assist system work?

How does Active Park Assist work?

Active Park Assist is available on many new vehicles.


Ford’s latest and greatest feature, or at least one of them, is the Active Park Assist system. It has been getting quite the high praise and recognition, and for good reason! It is one of the coolest things that a vehicle has been able to do lately, and makes it one step closer to being a driverless vehicle. Continue reading

Millennials fear driving more than public speaking, believe it or not

Cars with the best parking sensors

Active parking assistance is a great feature on many new vehicles.

Cars with the best parking sensors

Driving a car can be stressful, but is it more stressful than public speaking? According to a new study, some Millennials think so! With all of the new gadgets and features, it can be easy to get overwhelmed BUT Ford vehicles help keep drivers safe and sound while traveling the roads, no matter where they are going.

In fact, Ford’s focus the past few years in developing new vehicles and new technology is to make driving easier for all parties: those driving, those being driven and those outside of the vehicle. Distracted, dangerous drivers are now the number one fear of Millennials and Generation Z individuals, according to a study published in a press release on Ford’s website, but these same people who fear other drivers are also convinced that technology may be part of the solution. Ford agrees. Continue reading

The 2016 Ford Explorer is more plush than you ever imagined

2016 Ford Explorer trim levels

The 2016 Ford Explorer is going to be more advanced and sporty than ever.

2016 Ford Explorer trim levels

The 2016 Ford Explorer is an exemplary vehicle and for the new model year, it is getting a makeover so nice that even its predecessors don’t recognize it. For the new model year, the 2016 Ford Explorer sees a ton of upgrades and luxury features such as a new interior, a refined and upgraded front end and a more aggressive, athletic build all around.

The 2016 Explorer also comes with a ton of advanced technology features such as Ford SYNC3, a front-facing 180-degree camera that can see around corners and help with parking, as well as adaptive cruise control, which automatically adjusts your vehicle’s speed to that of the vehicle in front when it is approaching too quickly.

Continue reading

Where can you get the 2017 F150 Raptor?

2017 Ford Raptor features and colors

The 2017 Ford Raptor is going to be powerful and efficient.

2017 Ford F150 Raptor features and colors

It’s been awhile since we have written about the Ford F150 Raptor, we realized this morning, so we wanted to give you guys an update and touch base on some new news. The Ford F150 is already a popular vehicle, especially among Jacksonville and Swansboro drivers, but in a few years, drivers will be able to get an even more powerful and exciting F150 that is sure to keep drivers and passengers on their feet. Continue reading

Upgrade your Fiesta ST to a higher-performing vehicle

2015 Ford Fiesta ST upgrades

The 2015 Ford Fiesta is sleek and fast.

Parts needed to upgrade a Ford Fiesta ST

Getting a high-performance vehicle is fun. Not only is it fun to drive but it is also fun to own because it is as though you are kind of part of an exclusive club. Driving becomes more than just a mundane task to get your from point A to point B, and it is exciting to be able to have other drivers who share the same passion. One of the most highly underrated, overlooked high-performance vehicles around for the 2015 model year, at least in our opinion, is the 2015 Ford Fiesta ST. The Fiesta ST has a starting MSRP of $20,945, which is less than some worse-performing, less-efficient luxury sedans. Continue reading

The 2016 Shelby is more powerful than even Ford thought it would be!

2016 Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang official power ratings

The engine of the 2016 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R is all-new.

Official 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 power ratings and horsepower

We all knew that the all-new Mustang would be powerful, but no one thought it would be THIS powerful. At more than 100 horsepower per liter, the official 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 power ratings and horsepower numbers have been released and the GT350 and GT350R are the most power-dense, naturally aspirated road-worthy engine in Ford’s history! Continue reading

You can use your phone for just about anything… even buying a new car!

Using smartphone apps to buy a new or used car

Using smartphone apps to buy a new or used car It seems as though now you can use your smartphone for just about anything, even including buying a car! From the initial research phases to the actual car-buying process itself, there are a number of ways technology is on your side in the search for your next perfect vehicle. Continue reading

Official 2016 Ford F250 Super Duty truck release date Swansboro Jacksonville NC

Official 2016 Ford F250 Super Duty truck release date Swansboro Jacksonville NC

Ever since Ford came out with the new aluminum body construction, there have been very few things that have been able to top the excitement and fanfare surrounding the change. Even though the 2016 Ford Super Duty trucks won’t be seeing the all-new aluminum body for this model year, that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as exciting to drive. Continue reading