Ford comes out with a wheelchair accessible SUV! Can you say game changer?

Wheelchair accessible SUVs

The BraunAbility MXV is sporty and agile.

Wheelchair accessible SUVS for sale in Jacksonville NC

Until now, there were very, very limited options for drivers who need a wheelchair accessible vehicle. However, Ford came out with a first-ever wheelchair accessible SUV, and we must say, it’s pretty cool.

With the help of BraunAbility- the world’s leader in mobility vehicles, Ford is manufacturing the first-ever wheelchair accessible SUV, which may be easier to maneuver, more fun to drive and more stylish. Continue reading

Leather seats secure luxury status

2015 Ford cars with leather seats

2015 Ford cars with leather seats

Back in the day, the only cars that had leathers seats were those ones that were luxury models. However, as the years go by, more and more, leather seats are becoming much more mainstream in any number of makes and models.

Whether you have a vehicle that is expensive and has all of the bells and whistles, or you have a compact car with only basic features, leather seats are usually an option. When it comes to 2015 Ford cars with leather seats, there are plenty of options if that is what you are looking for! Continue reading

Want luxury? Check out the F150. Yes, really.

2016 Ford F150 Limited trim level

The 2016 Ford F150 Limited is going to be one of the most luxurious vehicles around.

2016 Ford F150 Limited trim features and specs

The Ford F150 is quite possibly one of the most-talked-about vehicles this year, if not ever. There are so many ways to customize it and so many options to make it an exciting, powerful vehicle. The most lavish model in terms of features and quality is by far the 2016 Ford Limited.

The Limited is a new trim for 2016 and it easily fills a void of luxury and power combined. There has never been a vehicle quite like the F150 Limited model because it has so many features that truly differentiate it from other trucks in the segment. Continue reading

Now everyone has the opportunity to see what it’s like to drive a Mustang on a race track

Ford Mustang handling on racetrack

The Ford Mustang is anything but tame on a racetrack.

How does the 2015 Ford Mustang handle on a race track?

As one of the most race-savvy vehicles you can get, it’s no secret that the Ford Mustang has some power under its hood. We’ve known for awhile that the 2015 Ford Mustang is a force to be reckoned with outside and on everyday roadways, but how does the 2015 Ford Mustang handle on a race track?

Turns out, pretty well. At least according to the new interactive video that puts viewers in the driver’s seat as the vehicle cruises around the Silverstone race track in the U.K. The video allows the viewer to see what it’s like from a first-person vantage point while driving the Ford Mustang’s powerful 5L V8 engine. Continue reading

Where can I buy the Ford Mustang Apollo edition?

2015 Ford Mustang Apollo Edition

The Ford Mustang Apollo Edition is fun and fast.

Ford Mustang Apollo Edition price Jacksonville NC

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic vehicles around, and it is easy to see why so many drivers are interested in owning one. A fun thing that Ford does is come out with special edition Mustang models every year at an aircraft convention in Wisconsin called EAA AirVenture.

The Ford Mustang Apollo Edition is this year’s model. The Apollo model is white with a black top of the vehicle (from the hood to the back spoiler), save one white stripe that says “United States” in red lettering. The panels vary between matte and gloss, and it includes a carbon fiber front spitter. Continue reading

Is the Ford Mondeo available in Jacksonville NC? Not exactly as you would expect…

Ford Fusion Ford Mondeo comparison

The Ford Fusion is the American version of the Ford Mondeo, which is one of the most popular models in Europe.

Ford Mondeo in Jacksonville NC

Whether you are in the U.S. or abroad, we can almost guarantee that Ford has a presence in your community, even if it is slight. This is because there are so many makes and models that are great for everyday life around the world, and also because Ford innovators take the time and energy to design and create vehicles that fit their customers’ lifestyles with ease.

There is a wide variety of ford vehicles available in the U.S., and include an array of body and engine styles, including a hatchback car, an SUV, a crossover and even a pickup. Continue reading

Teaching a new driver can be hard; let us help

Teach teens to drive safely

Best ways to teach a teen to drive

Getting your license for the first time is exhilarating and unforgettable. We bet you remember where you went the first time alone when you just got your license and we also bet you remember the way you felt when you hit the open road by yourself. There’s nothing quite like that first time driving by yourself, but it takes a lot to get to that point.

Nowadays, there are a number of different requirements before a new driver can legally get behind the wheel, but the basics of driving still remain the same: treat the vehicle with respect and always keep a cool head. Continue reading

Ford F150 Raptor proves to be durable in all types of terrain

Ford raptor driving ratings North Carolina

Will you get the Ford Raptor?

New Ford Raptor durability ratings for North Carolina

Drivers are loving the news about the Ford Raptor, and for a good reason! It is going to be one of the most powerful, exciting pickups for sure in the last few years, quite possibly ever. It makes all other pickups in its segment look inadequate in terms of all of its features and power. Just recently, too, Ford released info on how the Raptor rated in terms of handling different types of terrain, specifically in the desert, which is great for drivers who love to travel.

In North Carolina, there are a TON of different outdoor activities and things to do where a durable vehicle would come in handy, so when we learned that the new Ford Raptor durability ratings for North Carolina were favorable, we got excited. Continue reading