What Car does Schmidt from New Girl Drive?

what car does schmidt drive on new girl

Schmidt from New Girl is obsessed with having nice things and treating himself. He’s a pretty kooky character, but he does have a certain sense for quality. That’s why we’re always excited for his vehicle of choice to make an appearance on the show. If you like the looks of his ride, but have been wondering what car does Schmidt from New Girl drive, then we’re here with answers! Continue reading

Ford F-150 Corn Maze

ford f-150 corn maze

One of the things that we enjoy about selling Ford vehicles is the sense of community there is with their owners. It’s not uncommon to find those who refer to themselves as a “Ford family” or even a “multi-generation Ford family.” It’s also great to see what these people are occasionally inspired to do, just like a family in Ohio that created a giant Ford F-150 Corn Maze. Continue reading

Go Back to the Future in a Ford Vehicle

Go Back to the Future in a Ford Vehicle

Ford Celebrates Back to the Future Day

Happy Back to the Future day! To celebrate this fun event, Ford has included a fun little easter egg on its website for the 2016 Ford Focus and 2016 Fiesta. For a limited time, customers will have the option to equip either car with the Flux Capacitor from the Back to the Future series, though we think its price might be a bit much for most of our customers! Read on to learn about how you can Go Back to the Future in a Ford Vehicle. Continue reading

2016 Ford Fiesta Color Options

what colors are available on the 2016 ford fiesta?

The Ford Fiesta is well known for its style, reliability, great mileage and affordability. But one other thing that often comes to mind is just how fun it is to drive. Well, not only is the Fiesta a fun car to drive, but it’s fun to look at as well! Contributing to this is some of the great, creative color options available on the Fiesta. Read on to learn about the 2016 Ford Fiesta Color Options. Continue reading