2016 Ford Fiesta Color Options

what colors are available on the 2016 ford fiesta?

The Ford Fiesta is well known for its style, reliability, great mileage and affordability. But one other thing that often comes to mind is just how fun it is to drive. Well, not only is the Fiesta a fun car to drive, but it’s fun to look at as well! Contributing to this is some of the great, creative color options available on the Fiesta. Read on to learn about the 2016 Ford Fiesta Color Options.

What colors are available on the 2016 Ford Fiesta?

Just like the models of the past, the 2016 Fiesta has a wide selection of color choices, many of them being bright and fun! If you’re familiar with the 2015 options, then you’ll see some of the same options, though there’s some new ones as well.

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The available colors on the 2016 Ford Fiesta (pictured above, arranged from left to right) are: Kona Blue, White Platinum, Ingot Silver, Magnetic, Electric Spice, Ruby Red, Blue Candy, Oxford White, Shadow Black and Molten Orange.

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One of the notable new additions is the Electric Spice, which perfectly balances style, fun and sleekness. Unfortunately, if you’re a big green envy fan, you’ll notice that it is absent from the current options. The performance blue and race red colors are also gone, but the Kona Blue is a great replacement. Plus, we’ve always been bigger fans of the Ruby Red and Blue Candy on the Fiesta. The vibrant and stunning Molten Orange is also back as a ST trim only color.

2016 Ford Fiesta Exterior Options

Along with a fresh coat of paint, you can treat yourself to some exterior styling in the Ford Fiesta. On the Sedan and Hatchback, you can get the “FIesta” lower door stripe graphic to show off the sportier side of your car. Otherwise, if you pick the ST trim, you can get a slick dual-racing stripe over the top of your Fiesta. There’s also a ton of great wheel options to make your Fiesta look exactly how you want it to.

Want to get an in-person look at some of the colors available on the 2016 Ford Fiesta? Swing by our lot in Jacksonville, NC! Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can get your favorite color ordered no problem, just let us know!

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