2016 Ford Super Duty truck technology

2016 Ford Super Duty truck technology

The Ford Super Duty trucks are expected to be smarter than ever in upcoming years.

There is a certain sense of prestige that comes with driving a Ford F-series truck. That is, the F-series vehicles are more powerful, more efficient and safer than ever before, so it’s hard NOT to feel like you’ve got one up on the rest of the drivers on the road. We love the Super Duty trucks because they are incredibly sleek and make other heavy-duty, hard-working trucks look like Tonka trucks (not to be confused with the F-650/F-750 trucks).

One neat part of the 2016 Ford Super Duty truck is that it is expected to contain a ton of advanced technology and fun features to make it much more efficient. One of the most unique examples of the 2016 Ford Super Duty truck technology is the available factory-installed strobe warning lights. These lights make it easier for drivers to communicate with oncoming traffic and other drivers. They are easy to spot, hard to miss and even harder to forget.

These lights are especially helpful for utility or road construction crews that require others to be able to see their vehicle while working. The lights can be seen up to 1,000 feet away during the day and up to a mile away when it is dark. The night strobe lights can be installed in vehicles on worksites so other motorists see the workers more easily and can proceed with caution.

Of course, the 2016 Ford Super Duty trucks will contain the advanced technology already available to drivers, including Ford SYNC, advanced safety features such as a lane-deviation alert system and a blind spot monitoring system, a rearview backup camera and more.

Ford SYNC is our favorite infotainment system because it is unbelievably easy to figure out. Drivers can just hop in their new vehicle and then tell it what to do because it also comes with available voice recognition technology!

Make sure to check back for more information about the upcoming 2016 Ford Super Duty truck release date for Jacksonville NC drivers!

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