2018 Ford Fiesta Interior capacity

Interior side profile cutaway to the interior of the 2018 Ford Fiesta with a man walking towards the vehicle

How much room is there in the 2018 Ford Fiesta? 

There are many things to think about when buying a new vehicle, but one of the most important is the interior space of your vehicle. While most drivers think that they need to buy a vehicle that is large and over-bearing, that isn’t always the case. A compact vehicle like the 2018 Ford Fiesta can provide more than enough space for most people and all of the cargo they need to bring along.  

When you first start looking at the 2018 Ford Fiesta, you’ll have to decide if you want to choose the sedan or hatchback model. While there are some differences in the two models, the interior passenger capacity remains mostly the same. Overall, the passenger volume is measured at 85.1 cubic feet, and there are seats for up to five people in both models. The only difference is a slight change in the head room of the hatchback model. The 2018 Ford Fiesta sedan provides 39.1 and 37.1 inches of front and rear head room, while the hatchback offers 39.1 and 37.2 inches of head room. This is a very slight difference, making it so both models are able to provide a comfortable ride for passengers.  

Chart with interior specs of the 2018 Ford Fiesta

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Differences in the interior cargo space of the 2018 Ford Fiesta 

Interior cargo area of the 2018 Ford Fiesta with 60/40 split rear seatsThough the passengers are important, many drivers will also want to know how much stuff they can bring with them in their vehicle. This is where the 2018 Ford Fiesta sedan and hatchback models diverge, with the sedan offering a total luggage capacity of 12.8 cubic feet in the trunk. If you choose a hatchback model, you’ll have the option to fold down the second row to accommodate more cargo at the expense of passenger space. The total cargo volume of the 2018 Ford Fiesta hatchback reaches 25.4 cubic feet, with 14.9 cubic feet behind the second row when it is engaged. No matter which model you choose, you’ll have 60/40 split rear seating, even on the sedan, which provides a pass-through for longer items.  

Drivers who are interested in the 2018 Ford Fiesta can explore their options when they visit Sanders Ford in Jacksonville, NC. Regardless of which style they choose, the 2018 Ford Fiesta is a well-equipped vehicle that packs plenty of power into a small frame. Drivers can learn more about the 2018 Ford Fiesta or any other Ford models by taking a look at the Sanders Ford blog, which features all sorts of Ford information. 

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