2018 Ford Flex interior specifications

The 2018 Ford Flex in profile

How much space does the 2018 Ford Flex have? 

For most drivers, the reason to purchase an SUV is the extended interior space. The spacious interior of the 2018 Ford Flex provides you with space to store whatever you need to. If you’re more interested in a vehicle that has room for passengers, you don’t have to look further than the Ford Flex, which has three rows of seats and room for up to seven people, including the driver.  

With the 2018 Ford Flex, you can have your cake and eat it too. Leg room in the 2018 Ford Flex is spacious, with 42.6 inches in the front, 44.3 inches in the second row, and 33.3 inches for the back seat. Normally, when a vehicle has plenty of leg room, it compromises the rear cargo space, but that isn’t the case when it comes to cargo space in the 2018 Ford Flex. Even with all three rows of seats up, the Ford Flex provides 20.0 cubic feet of interior cargo volume, which is more than enough to transport you, your passengers, and all of your gear.  

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Seating configurations in the 2018 Ford Flex 

Though there is plenty of room in the 2018 Ford Flex with all three rows up, there are times where you might need to carry a larger load and fewer people. By folding down the back rows of seating, you can extend your cargo space from 20.0 cubic feet to a cavernous 83.2 cubic feet. The 2018 Ford Flex also has various configurations that you can arrange the seats into so that you are able to fit all of your passengers in the vehicle. The third row is equipped with a 50/50 split rear folding bench, and the middle row has a 60/40 split folding bench so you can choose how to configure the vehicle.  

2018 Ford Flex interior cargo space with two rows down 2018 Ford Flex packed full rear view with man and young boy

The 2018 Ford Flex has incredible flexible seating, with optional second-row bucket seats, which lowers your passenger count to six, including the driver. These two power-assisted fold flat seats offer a pass-through to the third row and allow for easier entrances and exits of the vehicle.  

Those interested in the 2018 Ford Flex can visit Sanders Ford to view the available inventory and take a test drive. Learn more about the features available on new Ford models on the Sanders Ford blog, or contact Sanders Ford for more information.  

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