Smartphone safety on the road

Man using a smart phone in the car

3 ways to safely use your phone in the car

It is dangerous to get behind the wheel of a car, especially now. Smartphones are an ever-present part of most driver’s days, and they don’t go away once you’re behind the wheel. While there are laws against texting and driving, it is still easy to quickly fire off a reply while you’re behind the wheel when no one is around.  

Recently, smartphone providers are taking it upon themselves to provide people with a way to limit their phone access while in a vehicle. Apple has released an update that features a do not disturb function that will recognize when the phone is in a moving vehicle. “Do Not Disturb While Driving” is an optional function that will turn on if your phone is connected to a USB port in a vehicle, or if it is paired with the vehicle’s Bluetooth.

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Using your phone in the car

Part of the concern is that when you’re messing around with your phone, you don’t have your eyes on the road. Another problem is that if your phone is beside you, it can easily slide to the floor and be a distraction if you try to grab it. Luckily there are options for you if you simply can’t live without your phone within reach, be it for streaming music or texting.

Smartphone Mount 

While the distraction is still there, it is confined to one spot, so there is no need to dig around in the seat trying to find wherever your phone went. Mounts can be attached with suction cups, magnets, or by clipping into the vents. This can put your phone in your reach and line of vision but allows drivers to keep an eye on directions or change the music without looking away from the road.

Have a passenger hold it 

Some may see this as a violation of privacy, but it is an easy, cheap and safe way to have access to your phone while staying safe behind the wheel. All you need is another person that you trust in the car, and you can have them function as your own personal Siri. Dictate texts, have them check information, let them help navigate and play DJ.

Pair your phone with your car 

hands using Ford sync hands free calling

Most new vehicles are able to connect your phone with the infotainment system on the vehicle. Ford has SYNC standard on most models, and with the SYNC 3 upgrade, you’ll even have access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This allows you to access voice search or Siri, navigation, your music playlist, and hands-free calling and texting. You can find new Ford vehicles with SYNC at Sanders Ford. Find out more by contacting us to schedule a test drive.

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