All the 2018 Ford vehicles with All-Wheel Drive

2018 Ford Fusion driving past a bridge in the rain

Which 2018 Ford vehicles are offered with AWD? 

There aren’t that many people who like to take their vehicles off of the beaten path. Those who do are likely looking for a vehicle that is equipped for adventure. One of the best ways to ensure that the new Ford model you’re considering is able to keep up with your whatever you throw at it is to make sure that the vehicle has All-Wheel Drive.  

When most people think of vehicle equipped with AWD, they think of large, heavy-duty models like the 2018 Ford F-150 or the 2018 Ford Expedition. While both of these vehicles have available AWD, there are other vehicles that many people wouldn’t realize are able to be equipped with All-Wheel Drive. If you’re looking for a smaller vehicle, the 2018 Ford Focus RS, Fusion and Taurus are all able to run with All-Wheel Drive. There are also other vehicles, like the 2018 Ford Escape, Edge, Explorer, Flex, and Super Duty, that can benefit from All-Wheel Drive.  

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2018 Ford All-Wheel Drive Models

What is All-Wheel Drive? 

All-Wheel Drive is a system that helps your vehicle perform in rough or treacherous terrain. Whether you’re living in an area where the weather isn’t the best for driving, or if you like to spend some of your time driving down an old dirt road, All-Wheel drive can help you get out of any number of scrapes. When you choose a 2018 Ford vehicle that has All-Wheel Drive, it will like come with  Intelligent AWD, which is able to automatically adjust to respond to the current conditions.  

No matter what style of vehicle you’re looking for, Sander Ford can help you find the best fit. Whether you’re worried about the unlikely possibility of snow throwing your vehicle for a loop, or if you want to go out in the wilderness for a weekend getaway, a 2018 Ford model with All-Wheel drive can help you make the most of your vehicle.  

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