Ford Tests Bamboo Viability in Car Interiors

Are cars the next product made from bamboo?Ford has chosen to go all natural with a new idea for car interiors. Catching the wave of recent trends they have been experimenting with bamboo. Known for being strong and flexible, bamboo has seen a skyrocket in recent popularity. It makes for a great renewable resource as the trees reach maturity in three to five years and can grow up to three feet in one day. You may already own products that have been made with bamboo. Some popular items made from bamboo can include furniture, clothing, accessories, instruments, and flooring. What’s next? Are cars the next product made from bamboo? Keep reading to find out.

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Are cars the next product made from bamboo?

Ford has been working for the last few years to test the viability of bamboo as a material used in car interiors. So far, it looks like their tests are showing that bamboo could be a good fit. Tested against other natural and synthetic materials the bamboo (sometimes bamboo mixed with plastic) has been holding its own. We may soon see bamboo alongside the list of sustainable materials used by Ford.looking at bamboo through a car

Other Sustainable Materials Used by Ford

Ford is already using a multitude of recycled materials in the building of vehicles. You may be surprised to hear that post-consumer cotton from your old jeans and t-shirts has found its way into much of the lineup. The cotton is used as interior padding and sound insulation. Plastic bottles are also a popular recycled material to use. Ford makes use of the recycled bottles in its REPREVE fabrics, floor carpeting, wheel liners and shields. The reuse of plastic bottles in some models is helping to save more than 5 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfills every year. Way to go Ford! Feel like saving the planet? Check out our new Ford inventory here.

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