Does car color relate to speeding tickets?

red 2017 Ford Mustange

Are you more likely to get pulled over in a red car?

There are some urban legends that are unequivocally false, while others have a base in reality. One urban legend that has always had traction is that red cars are more likely to be pulled over by a police officer. Most people are content to take that piece of advice at face value and avoid purchasing a red vehicle, but the question remains: do red cars get pulled over more than other vehicles?

One of the reasons that people think that red cars get ticketed more than more demure vehicles is that they stand out in a sea of tan and gray. The bright color is thought to draw the eye of a police officer and make it easier for them to pick out a ticketable offense. Others have theorized that the color makes the vehicles look like they’re going faster than they are, and as such are more likely to get stopped. Even more people think that drivers of red cars are getting tickets that they deserve and that it is caused by a psychological response to the color red.

Find a red ford vehicle here in front of a red car door handle

Do red cars get more tickets? 

The simple answer to this question is no, they do not. In a study where 924 speeding tickets were collected, researchers analyzed the most ticketed makes, models, and colors. The surprising result was that white is the most ticketed color, with 19% of the total traffic citations. Red cars trailed behind white cars with 16% of total traffic citations, followed by gray and silver at 10% and 5%, respectively. This research also found that sportier vehicles, like convertibles and coupes, received tickets more often than sedans and SUVs. There is also evidence that men are 25% more likely to receive a ticket than women.

While you may want to hold off on getting a red 2018 Ford Mustangpurchasing a red vehicle is not likely going to increase the chances of you receiving a ticket. If you’d rather not risk it, there are plenty of color options at Sanders Ford in Jacksonville, NC.

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