Best apps for staying safe on the road

Girl texting on her cellphone while driving

Which apps can you use to help drive safely? 

Driving is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. However, with all of the devices that are constantly calling for our attention, distracted driving is a huge problem. When you aren’t paying attention to the road, you’re putting yourself and other drivers at risk. Even with all the information on the dangers of using your phone and other devices behind the wheel, many drivers still choose to utilize their phones while they’re behind the wheel.  

While there are systems available in new vehicles that help drivers remain connected without having them actually looking at their phones, there are still many who choose to bypass the systems in favor of staring at their small screens. To assist in limiting distracted driving there are many apps that can be downloaded to help curb the desire to text while driving.  


When you use DriveMode, you still have access to all the features that you need to get where you’re going, like navigation, Bluetooth connection, and voice reply. While most new vehicles have advanced systems that can do everything DriveMode does, if you’re behind the wheel of a used model it’s possible that you won’t have the same technology. With a simplified interface, DriveMode takes away the temptation to consistently use your phone.  

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For some drivers, the best way to stop using their phone is to shut it down completely. LifeSaver displays a block when drivers are using their phone when the app is active.  A notification will also be sent to another person, letting them know that you’re trying to use your phone behind the wheel. LifeSaver is an excellent option for parents who are worried about their young drivers. There is still access to navigation and music on the phone if you use it without unlocking the device.  

Driving safely in a Ford vehicle 

People using Ford SYNC in a 2018 Ford Focus while driving

It is important to stay vigilant when you’re on the road, and there are many new features available on Ford vehicles that can help with that. From the Ford SYNC systems to the variety of advanced safety features available that can help detect if you aren’t paying attention in your vehicle, drivers should be safer than ever. If you’re looking for a way to help limit your device usage behind the wheel, take a look at these apps, or learn more about the technology and safety features available on new Ford models at Sanders Ford.  

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