Best sedans of 2015 at Sanders Ford

Best sedans for sale in 2015

Best sedans for sale in 2015

There are a number of vehicles for the 2015 model year that are incredibly efficient and smarter than ever, which makes it an exciting time to buy a new vehicle. Whether you are looking for a sizeable sedan or one that has tons of great features, we are sure that we will have a vehicle to exactly fit your needs at Sanders Ford.

The great thing about being a Ford dealership in Jacksonville Swansboro NC is that we are able to give drivers tools to navigate their everyday lives, and we’re not just talking about navigation systems!

We have a number of quality vehicles at Sanders Ford, and we thought it might be helpful for you to have our list of the best sedans for sale in 2015 for the Jacksonville Swansboro NC area. Sedans are one of the most popular body styles because they are easy to drive, spacious enough for most families and are often times extremely efficient, saving drivers time and money.


Best sedans of 2015

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is now available in either a hatchback or sedan style vehicle, making it an even more appealing option for drivers. The Fiesta is one of the sportiest, most affordable sedans you will find in the 2015 model year, and that’s just the way we like it at Sanders Ford.

The 2016 Ford Fiesta is available at Sanders Ford, and it contains a ton of advanced technology features, including Ford SYNC3. SYNC3 is the new and improved infotainment system that allows drivers to place and receive phone calls and texts, play music, get navigation and so much more.

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Ford Focus

Perhaps one of the most popular sedans of 2015, the Ford Focus is efficient, user-friendly and smart. The Focus is that one vehicle that drivers for the most part can’t find anything bad to say about because it covers all of the bases.

We love the 2015 Ford Focus because of its easy handling, its fun features and its efficient engine. There is even the option to have an all-electric Focus. How cool is that?

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Ford Fusion

With a vehicle like the Fusion, it’s difficult to understand how anyone could settle for anything less. After you’ve driven this vehicle, it is hard to switch to anything else, because we would be willing to bet it won’t come close to the comfort and quality you will find in the 2016 Ford Fusion.

This vehicle has it all, and is spacious enough to fit five comfortably. It has an incredibly sophisticated design with curves in all the right places. It’s available features make it high-tech and the way the 2016 Fusion handles is like nothing you’ve experienced. You can get it today at Sanders Ford!

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