Check out the best bike trails in Jacksonville NC!

Bike trails near Jacksonville NC

There are a number of bike trails in Jacksonville NC.

Bike trails near Jacksonville NC

Here at Sanders Ford, we love being active and we love to promote all of our vehicles that make being active easier. Ford vehicles are great for any type of driver, but especially those who enjoy being outside and active because they handle well on any type of terrain. Speaking of terrains, one of the most popular pastimes in the Jacksonville NC area is biking because the area is just gorgeous, no matter where you are. There are a number of bike trails in Jacksonville NC, but we wanted to come up with a few of the most visited and accessible. It’s difficult, though, to go on a bike trail if you can’t get your bike there! That is why we have a variety of bike rack accessories for Ford cars for sale in Jacksonville NC! Just stop in any time to check out our inventory or whatever we can order for you, or you can shop online! button Bike trails near Jacksonville NC:

Gary Shell Cross-City trail

This  asphalt trail connects the the Wilmington campus to many of the area’s parks including Halyburton Park, Empie Park, McCrary Park and Wade Park. It is split into four sections totaling more than 11 miles. The trail is pretty urban and you can find restaurants, coffee shops and bike shops along the way.

Camp LeJeune rail to trails

This asphalt trail is a path that travels along abandoned rail beds from the Marine Corps base at Camp LeJeune to Marine Boulevard.

River to the sea bikeways

This is an 11-mile path that is great for both on and off-road bicycle routes that follows the Historic Beach Car line. There are a number of residential streets, off-road paths along the way at it begins at the foot of Market Street at the riverwalk.

Military cutoff trail

This is a paved trail on the east end of Wilmington along the roadway. The south end of the trail has access to a number of restaurants, shops and other businesses, whereas the north end is more residential.

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