Black Friday Deals on Cars in Jacksonville NC

Black Friday Deals on Cars in Jacksonville NC

Black Friday Deals on Ford Cars in Jacksonville NC

If you’re looking for great deals on Ford vehicles, then we have some great news for you! Giant TVs and other electronics aren’t the only things that will be on sale this month and during Black Friday — Sanders Ford will also be offering Black Friday Deals on Cars in Jacksonville NC.

Ford Black Friday Deals in Jacksonville NC

It’s a great time of the year to look into purchasing a new Ford vehicle with the available Black Friday deals in Jacksonville NC. Luckily, we’re not restricting our deals to solely the day after Thanksgiving, so you’ll still have plenty of time to do your regular deal hunting!

Black Friday Deals on Cars in Jacksonville NCThroughout November, you can get $750 Black Friday bonus cash on the Ford Fusion and Ford Focus. More of an SUV type of person? No problem. The Ford Edge and Ford Escape are also being offered with $500 bonus cash. These aren’t the only deals you’re able to get in November, though.

Friends and Neighbors Pricing in Jacksonville NC

The Friends and Neighbors Pricing event is lining up conveniently with our Black Friday pricing event to offer the best deals on Ford vehicles. Instead of paying the regular dealership price or trying to haggle it down, you can enjoy the price a Ford insider pays: no negotiation required to get it. The sale price will already be posted on the vehicle of your choosing. This deal is currently ongoing, and isn’t set to expire until January 4, 2016.

Sanders Ford is here for you as more than just a new and used car dealership. If you need your car repaired or serviced, our service center can handle any job. If you’re busy, you can also schedule a service appointment online, and even save money with available coupons!

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