Brake service specials in Jacksonville, NC


Save money and stay safe with the brake service specials in Jacksonville, NC at Sanders Ford.

Brake Service Specials Jacksonville, NC

It’s strange to think that brake maintenance is not a topic that draws more of our attention. When you think about it, each time the brake pedal is pressed our expectation is that a 3,500 pound vehicle traveling 30 miles per hour will quickly come to a halt. Of course, diligent engineering has developed a system by which this happens on a highly consistent basis—but that still doesn’t mean the process should be taken for granted as often as it is.

The brake service specials in Jacksonville, NC at Sanders Ford are designed to help local drivers ease into the idea of considering the condition of their brakes on a more consistent basis. Those who take a look at the Sanders Ford service specials page will often find valuable coupons for a variety of maintenance procedures, including brake inspections, pad replacement, and more. Deals on all of these are currently available through the end of May 2014.


Maintain all of your Ford performance with routine brake service at Sanders Ford.

Brake inspections are a great way to prolong the life of your vehicle’s brake components. Not only can a good inspection identify issues associated with common wear, but any issues involving rust can quickly be diagnosed as well. If inspection yields an issue that does require attention, it can be addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner with another of Sanders’ brake service specials in Jacksonville, NC.

The two main components responsible for your vehicle’s stopping power are brake pads and rotors. Rotors turn along with the wheel and brake pads are called on to initiate the friction that eventually slows the speed of rotor. Especially in stop-and-go traffic, brake pads and rotors see a heavy amount of work. Whether your vehicle may simply need new brake pads or some rotor attention, the service team at Sanders Ford is happy to keep you and your passengers safe at a great price.

To take advantage of the brake service specials in Jacksonville, NC at Sanders Ford, contact the dealership’s service team today. Click the following for the Sanders Ford service phone number and hours of operation.

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