How to avoid odometer fraud

2017 Ford Fiesta dashboard with a digital odometer

Can a digital odometer be rolled back?

Buying a used car can be confusing. Since the vehicle has had at least one other owner, some of the details might be pushed under the rug if you choose to not buy from a dealership. Dealerships have access to more information and can make sure that you’re getting a vehicle that is high-quality, even if it is old. There may, however, be some less than reputable dealerships that may try to get you to be a vehicle that isn’t what it may seem.  

There are many different things that a shady dealership can do to make a vehicle seem more desirable. One of these is to “roll back” the odometer. This isn’t just a trick used in 80′s comedies, and there are some disreputable dealers who will use odometer fraud to make it seem like the vehicle has fewer miles on it than it actually does, even on newer vehicles that have digital odometer displays. However, there are plenty of fail-safes built into the mechanisms that should give away any tampering.

Schedule vehicle maintenance here in front of man holding tools

Determining if a vehicle has a fraudulent odometer 

Most newer vehicles have digital displays, which makes it harder to catch tampering, but it does still occur. One of the best methods is to have a mechanic check over the vehicle before you buy it to make sure everything is in order. If the vehicle looks worn, but the mileage suggests that it has been hardly driven, it’s possible that the odometer has been tampered with.  

Another surefire way to avoid odometer fraud is to visit a dealership that offers Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, like Sanders Ford. All of the vehicles have to pass a rigorous series of test, and all of them have reports of maintenance and vehicle history. There are plenty of perks to buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle at Sanders Ford, one of which is having the knowledge that you’ve purchased a vehicle that is in excellent condition. If you have any questions about Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, contact Sanders Ford for more information.  

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