Fall Driving with Ford

Follow this check list to get your Ford vehicle ready for Fall!

Follow this check list to get your Ford vehicle ready for Fall!

Car Tips for Fall

The weather is getting a little chiller and the leaves are starting to change colors, it’s time to get ready for fall! Ford wants to make sure that you and your vehicle are ready for the autumn months ahead so we have this little list of tips and tricks to get your vehicle ready for the season change. Follow this car tips for fall and you will have a safe and fun fall season. 1. Check Lights

It’s important to have lights that work especially in fog and low daylight. Fall brings less hours of daylight so you will be using your lights more often. Make sure all your lights work including hazard lights, high beams and brake lights.

2. Replace Bulbs

If your lights fail the check, your local Ford Technician at Sanders Ford will know the safest way to replace them.

Check tire pressure and tread especially before fall!

Check tire pressure and tread especially before fall!

3. Check Tires

Make sure you have good traction for the rain, snow and ice that will come as the seasons get colder. Check the treads and tire pressure to make sure everything is in good condition. If you need new tires, Sanders Ford can help!

4. Service Brakes

It’s a good idea to get your brakes checked by a local Ford Technician like the ones at Sanders Ford. They can inspect your brakes to prevent costly rotor damage. The service department at Sanders Ford can tell you how you are to needing replacement brakes and they can replace them when the times comes.

5. Change Wiper Blades and Fluid

Check wiper blades for damage and make sure blades are clean. Spray your windshield and make sure they remove moisture evenly without smearing. If they don’t, you’ll need to replace them. It is also important to check and add washer fluid. It’s an easy way to make sure you always have good visibility on the road.

Check your battery often!

Check your battery often!

6. Service Battery

Take your car in to Sanders Ford and they can check your battery life. It might look good externally but it’s useful life may be coming to an end. Testing your battery only takes a few minutes and can be done in conjunction with an oil change. If your battery tests poorly, you can get it replace with a Motorcraft battery and great warranty protection that includes free towing.

7. Add Coolant and Check Heating

Refill your coolant to help generate heat in the cooler months of the year.

8. Check Cabin Air Filter

Your cabin filter can accumulate summer smog and can get quite dirty. It should be replaced every 15,000 miles or once a year; if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems or if you drive on dirt roads or in dusty, polluted conditions, you may need to clean it more often.

Make sure you have emergency items in your car.

Make sure you have emergency items in your car.

9. Stock Seasonal Gears

Make sure your car is loaded with everything you might need for the next driving season. Some important things to remember include: sunglasses, jumper cables, emergency blanket, ice scraper and car cover.

Sanders Ford wants to make sure that you and your car are ready for the changing seasons. Make an appointment with our friendly service professionals to check anything you are nervous to do yourself. We make every process as quick and painless as possible. Stop by Sanders Ford today!

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