Millennials fear driving more than public speaking, believe it or not

Cars with the best parking sensors

Active parking assistance is a great feature on many new vehicles.

Cars with the best parking sensors

Driving a car can be stressful, but is it more stressful than public speaking? According to a new study, some Millennials think so! With all of the new gadgets and features, it can be easy to get overwhelmed BUT Ford vehicles help keep drivers safe and sound while traveling the roads, no matter where they are going.

In fact, Ford’s focus the past few years in developing new vehicles and new technology is to make driving easier for all parties: those driving, those being driven and those outside of the vehicle. Distracted, dangerous drivers are now the number one fear of Millennials and Generation Z individuals, according to a study published in a press release on Ford’s website, but these same people who fear other drivers are also convinced that technology may be part of the solution. Ford agrees.

There has been a huge increase in driver-assisted technologies including cameras, sensors and plenty of features to keep drivers’ eyes back on the road. Some of the most common driving concerns are snowy or icy roads, maneuvering into a tight parking space, backing out onto a busy street, monitoring blind spots and not knowing where to go.

We’ve had a couple of different questions from drivers wondering what are the cars with the best parking sensors, and we’re not even being dishonest, but some of the best parking sensors are in Ford cars because of the company’s dedication to innovation and safety. For example, the 2015 Ford Edge and the 2016 Ford Explorer have a front-facing 180-degree camera that can see around corners at slow speeds.

Ford also has a number of vehicles with an improved, advanced parking assistance system. This new system is so much more than a sensor that just beeps if you are getting close to another object, but it features radar technology and cameras to further enhance the driving experience.

Some of the vehicles that contain the new Advanced Parking Assistance System include the 2015 and 2016 Ford F150, the 2015 Ford Edge, the 2016 Ford Explorer, the 2015 Ford Focus and the 2016 Ford Fusion.

All of these vehicles are extremely efficient, affordable and innovative, and definitely deserve a second look when it comes time to get a new vehicle! You can see any of these vehicles today at Sanders Ford!

Cars with the best parking sensors

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