What is the Most Fuel Efficient Ford Car?

what is the most fuel efficient ford car?

Fuel efficiency is one of our customers most important categories that ultimately results in them buying or not buying a particular vehicle. We never know exactly where gas prices will go, but even by playing it safe and buying something that gets great mileage, you end up spending less! That’s why many people come to our lot asking what is the most fuel efficient Ford car? Continue reading

Ford models with remote start engines available make for a cool summer

Remote start engines for sale in jacksonville nc

Cars for sale near Jacksonville NC with remote starter engines

Imagine, if you will, coming out to your vehicle on a brisk November morning to find that it is already warmed up and ready to go. Or, reverse that and imagine that you are walking out of the office on a balmy summer day only to step into the cool comfort of your already-cool vehicle. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? Continue reading

Ford makes hatchbacks cool again with the Focus and the Fiesta

Ford hatchback models for 2015

Ford hatchback models for 2015

The hatchback segment is a new and quickly diversifying, which means that there are a number of options available for drivers who want something a little out of the ordinary. A hatchback by definition is a vehicle with full access to the back end through a door that opens up and spreads the width of the vehicle. Continue reading

2015 Ford Focus max horsepower with kit

2015 Ford Focus max horsepower with kit

While drivers who choose the Ford Focus to be their vehicle don’t necessarily think first of power, it no longer has to be a back-burner feature with the new 2015 Ford Focus upgrade kit. The new 2015 Ford Focus max horsepower with kit reaches up to 275 horsepower, which is 23 more than ever before.

The 2015 Ford Focus ST is the turbocharged model that is able to be upgraded to make 275 horsepower. If you are interested in getting the Ford Focus ST kit to increase horsepower and torque, you can do so through an authorized Ford Performance dealership, such as Sanders Ford. The new 2015 Ford Focus kit that makes the vehicle unbelievably powerful but still street-legal and reliable is one that we are expecting to see a number of drivers take advantage of in the coming months! Continue reading

Best sedans of 2015 at Sanders Ford

Best sedans for sale in 2015

Best sedans for sale in 2015

There are a number of vehicles for the 2015 model year that are incredibly efficient and smarter than ever, which makes it an exciting time to buy a new vehicle. Whether you are looking for a sizeable sedan or one that has tons of great features, we are sure that we will have a vehicle to exactly fit your needs at Sanders Ford.

The great thing about being a Ford dealership in Jacksonville Swansboro NC is that we are able to give drivers tools to navigate their everyday lives, and we’re not just talking about navigation systems! Continue reading

Millennials fear driving more than public speaking, believe it or not

Cars with the best parking sensors

Active parking assistance is a great feature on many new vehicles.

Cars with the best parking sensors

Driving a car can be stressful, but is it more stressful than public speaking? According to a new study, some Millennials think so! With all of the new gadgets and features, it can be easy to get overwhelmed BUT Ford vehicles help keep drivers safe and sound while traveling the roads, no matter where they are going.

In fact, Ford’s focus the past few years in developing new vehicles and new technology is to make driving easier for all parties: those driving, those being driven and those outside of the vehicle. Distracted, dangerous drivers are now the number one fear of Millennials and Generation Z individuals, according to a study published in a press release on Ford’s website, but these same people who fear other drivers are also convinced that technology may be part of the solution. Ford agrees. Continue reading

How are you going to be green this Earth Day?

Greenest cars to drive for Earth Day 2015

The 2015 Ford Fiesta made our list of Green Cars.

Greenest cars to drive for Earth Day 2015

As vehicles continue to get more and more advanced they are also becoming more and more efficient, which is great for both drivers and the environment. It is great for drivers because they end up saving time and money at the gas pump, and it is great for the environment because vehicles are producing fewer harmful emissions and using less fuel.

Earth Day this year is Wednesday April 22 2015, and we encourage you to get together with your loved ones to brainstorm ways you can be more efficient and use fewer natural resources such as electricity, gasoline and oil. Continue reading

Official 2017 Ford Focus RS release date Jacksonville Swansboro NC

Official 2017 Ford Focus RS release date Jacksonville Swansboro NC

The 2017 Ford Focus is expected to be powerful and efficient

The Ford Focus is easily one of Ford’s most popular everyday sedans, but what happens when you mix an everyday sedan with a high-intensity racing car? You get the 2017 Ford Focus RS.

While we don’t know an official 2017 Ford Focus RS release date Jacksonville Swansboro NC, we do know that it will likely be available in the Jacksonville Swansboro NC area sometime late next year (2016).

Some of the details that have been revealed about the official 2017 Ford Focus RS release date Jacksonville Swansboro NC lead us to believe that this vehicle will be an extremely competitive, as there are a number of powerful hatchbacks on the market right now. The 2017 Ford Focus RS will be identical to the models in Europe, and will show off a new design that features a more aerodynamic design with scoops and wings for better downforce and cooling. Continue reading

Ford at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show

#FordCAS15 Chicago Auto Show 2015

The Ford GT Supercar is an exiting, speedy vehicle.

#FordCAS15 Chicago Auto Show 2015

Auto shows are such an exciting time of year because we get to see all of the newly released vehicles as well as some that haven’t even been revealed yet!

2015 has been a big year for Ford at the auto shows because of the release of the 2015 Ford F-150 and the 2015 Ford Mustang. If you have been on social media at all lately, you will have likely noticed the hashtag #CAS15, which is the tag that people are using to talk about the Chicago Auto Show. The Auto Show is taking place at Mccormick Place and runs through Feb. 22. Continue reading

Did your vehicle make the list of the 2015 IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus?

What are the safest Ford vehicles of 2015

The 2015 Ford Focus made the IIHS Top Safety Pick list.

What are the safest Ford vehicles of 2015

What are the safest Ford vehicles of 2015

The 2015 Ford Fusion made the list of IIHS Top Safety Picks.

When it comes to safety, Ford really knows what to do to make sure each and every one of its vehicles put out by the company is in top form. Each model is tested to make sure it is as safe as it can be, and all of the new ford models include tons of advanced, high-tech safety features to keep everyone safe at all times. A few of the most popular safety features include electronic stability control, traction control, a rearview backup camera and a lane-keeping assistance system.

All of these features help Ford vehicles get the recognition they deserve from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety when the organization is determining what are the safest Ford vehicles of 2015. Continue reading