Sanders Ford Trade-In Event in Jacksonville NC

Sanders Ford Trade-In Event in Jacksonville NC

If you’re looking for the right time to trade-in your current car for a new vehicle, then now might be the best time to do so. Right now, we’re holding a Sanders Ford Trade-In Event in Jacksonville NC where you can earn bonus cash for your trade-in and get a great deal on a new Ford vehicle, on top of it! Checkout the details below! Continue reading

What is the Most Fuel Efficient Ford Car?

what is the most fuel efficient ford car?

Fuel efficiency is one of our customers most important categories that ultimately results in them buying or not buying a particular vehicle. We never know exactly where gas prices will go, but even by playing it safe and buying something that gets great mileage, you end up spending less! That’s why many people come to our lot asking what is the most fuel efficient Ford car? Continue reading

2016 Ford Fusion for sale in Jacksonville Swansboro NC

2016 Ford Fusion for sale Jacksonville NC

The 2016 Ford Fusion is sleeker than ever.

There are a number of options drivers have when it comes to getting a new vehicle, but time and time again, area drivers are gravitating toward the Ford Fusion. Surprised? We thought so!

The Ford Fusion may have started off as a little-known alternative option in the Ford lineup for drivers who wanted a stylish sedan, but it spiraled into something much more popular. The 2016 Ford Fusion is one those vehicles that is a great option for everyone, which is quite possibly why it is so popular. In fact, the popularity of this vehicle can be seen in its spike in sales, up 100 percent since its 2005 launch! Continue reading

Best sedans of 2015 at Sanders Ford

Best sedans for sale in 2015

Best sedans for sale in 2015

There are a number of vehicles for the 2015 model year that are incredibly efficient and smarter than ever, which makes it an exciting time to buy a new vehicle. Whether you are looking for a sizeable sedan or one that has tons of great features, we are sure that we will have a vehicle to exactly fit your needs at Sanders Ford.

The great thing about being a Ford dealership in Jacksonville Swansboro NC is that we are able to give drivers tools to navigate their everyday lives, and we’re not just talking about navigation systems! Continue reading

Is the Ford Mondeo available in Jacksonville NC? Not exactly as you would expect…

Ford Fusion Ford Mondeo comparison

The Ford Fusion is the American version of the Ford Mondeo, which is one of the most popular models in Europe.

Ford Mondeo in Jacksonville NC

Whether you are in the U.S. or abroad, we can almost guarantee that Ford has a presence in your community, even if it is slight. This is because there are so many makes and models that are great for everyday life around the world, and also because Ford innovators take the time and energy to design and create vehicles that fit their customers’ lifestyles with ease.

There is a wide variety of ford vehicles available in the U.S., and include an array of body and engine styles, including a hatchback car, an SUV, a crossover and even a pickup. Continue reading

Millennials fear driving more than public speaking, believe it or not

Cars with the best parking sensors

Active parking assistance is a great feature on many new vehicles.

Cars with the best parking sensors

Driving a car can be stressful, but is it more stressful than public speaking? According to a new study, some Millennials think so! With all of the new gadgets and features, it can be easy to get overwhelmed BUT Ford vehicles help keep drivers safe and sound while traveling the roads, no matter where they are going.

In fact, Ford’s focus the past few years in developing new vehicles and new technology is to make driving easier for all parties: those driving, those being driven and those outside of the vehicle. Distracted, dangerous drivers are now the number one fear of Millennials and Generation Z individuals, according to a study published in a press release on Ford’s website, but these same people who fear other drivers are also convinced that technology may be part of the solution. Ford agrees. Continue reading

Official 2016 Ford Fusion release date in Swansboro NC

2016 Ford Fusion for sale near Swansboro NC

The 2016 Ford Fusion is available now at Sanders Ford!

The Ford Fusion is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that is both sporty enough to please drivers who have a need for speed, but is also safe enough and has enough features for a family of five. The Ford Fusion was in recent years redesigned to showcase an intimidating, aggressive, muscular front end that will turn heads no matter where you go.

As far as the official 2016 Ford Fusion release date in Swansboro NC, drivers will be happy to know that the vehicle is currently in our inventory here at Sanders Ford so you can drive off in one today if you wanted! Continue reading

How does the 2015 Ford Fusion compare to others in terms of safety features?

2015 Ford Fusion safety features compared to other cars

The 2015 Ford Fusion is full of safety features.

2015 Ford Fusion safety features compared to other cars

The 2015 Ford Fusion may be one of the safest sedans available, and you can bet we’re proud that it’s a Ford. Although we’re proud, we’re not super surprised that this vehicle is sweeping other similar makes and models under the rug with all of its advanced safety features and its improved body construction.

Every driver seeks a safe, reliable vehicle, but to varying degrees depending on price, durability, versatility and other automotive needs, but if your end game is getting the safest sedan you can for your money, you might want to take another look at the 2015 Ford Fusion because it has so many features that will blow you away. It also received a 5-star safety rating and is a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Continue reading

You can lease and drive the 2015 Ford Fusion today for $0 down and $0 first month’s payment

Leasing deals on 2015 Ford Fusion in Swansboro Jacksonville NC

Lease a 2015 Ford Fusion for a great deal!

Leasing deals on 2015 Ford Fusion in Swansboro Jacksonville NC

While we know the great things Ford is doing with efficient, sporty, high-tech vehicles, we realize sometimes it may not be that obvious to you, which is why we want to tell you about the great offers Ford is featuring for new 2015 model year vehicles such as the 2015 Ford Fusion.

Those drivers interested in driving a 2015 Ford Fusion can take advantage of one of the great specials going on right now that allows allows interested customers to get a new car for a great deal. Continue reading