See How to check a tire’s age

How to check a tire's age

Many people opt to be a used vehicle for a wide variety of reasons. They might want to pay less over time, it might be their first vehicle, they could be taking advantage of our great Ford Certified Pre-Owned system, or many others. If you decide to buy used, then one thing that you should keep in mind is the age of the tires. But how do you check a tire’s age? Continue reading

What new features are in the 2017 Ford Super Duty?

What new features are in the 2017 Ford Super Duty?

Not only is the Super Duty lineup well known for its capabilities, but it is also regarded as having some of the best features available in a work truck. Not only does a Ford Super Duty have great entertainment options, but it also has tech features that make it an even better work truck. Want to know what new features are in the 2017 Ford Super Duty? Take a look for yourself below! Continue reading

Does the 2017 Ford Super Duty have a Trailer Camera?

Does the 2017 Ford Super Duty have a Trailer Camera?

The F-Series Super Duty lineup of trucks is among the toughest and most durable on the road today — if not the most. One of the main advantages they pose over other trucks is a massive towing capacity that will easily allow you to pull even the heaviest trailers. But pulling a large trailer comes with its own set of problems, even if your truck is capable of handling it. One of the main issues is having a safe amount of vision, which Ford has fixed by putting multiple Trailer Cameras in the 2017 Ford Super Duty. Continue reading

Should you use Cruise Control when it’s Raining?

Should you use Cruise Control when it’s Raining?

Have you heard the story of the woman from Texas that was driving with cruise control in a rainstorm, and ended up losing control of her car? Would it surprise you to hear that it’s true? Well, the validity of if that specific story is true is up for debate, but the lessons learned definitely are. So should you use cruise control when it’s raining? It would be safer not to. Read on to learn why! Continue reading

Should I get the scratch in my windshield fixed?

Should I get the scratch in my windshield fixed

Windshield Repair in Jacksonville NC

Ignoring an issue with your car can not only become costly, but also dangerous. But what about if there’s just a minor scratch in the windshield of your car? Well, it’s possible that the scratch you think is minor might actually be worse than you thought. If you’re asking “Should I get the scratch in my windshield fixed?” then you should take a look at the rest of our blog for guidance! Continue reading

Ford comes out with a wheelchair accessible SUV! Can you say game changer?

Wheelchair accessible SUVs

The BraunAbility MXV is sporty and agile.

Wheelchair accessible SUVS for sale in Jacksonville NC

Until now, there were very, very limited options for drivers who need a wheelchair accessible vehicle. However, Ford came out with a first-ever wheelchair accessible SUV, and we must say, it’s pretty cool.

With the help of BraunAbility- the world’s leader in mobility vehicles, Ford is manufacturing the first-ever wheelchair accessible SUV, which may be easier to maneuver, more fun to drive and more stylish. Continue reading

Teaching a new driver can be hard; let us help

Teach teens to drive safely

Best ways to teach a teen to drive

Getting your license for the first time is exhilarating and unforgettable. We bet you remember where you went the first time alone when you just got your license and we also bet you remember the way you felt when you hit the open road by yourself. There’s nothing quite like that first time driving by yourself, but it takes a lot to get to that point.

Nowadays, there are a number of different requirements before a new driver can legally get behind the wheel, but the basics of driving still remain the same: treat the vehicle with respect and always keep a cool head. Continue reading