Fuel Economy of the 2018 Ford Fusion

two women getting into the 2018 Ford Fusion

How far can the 2018 Ford Fusion go on a tank of gas? 

When you’re purchasing a new vehicle, you want to be certain that you find one that won’t have you spending all of your time at the pump. Looking for a vehicle that is able to pull off high performance while still being fuel efficient can be a challenge. However, it can definitely be done.   Continue reading

2018 Ford Flex technology features

2018 Ford Flex in side profile

What technology options are available on the 2018 Ford Flex? 

You’ve probably heard the old cliché, that someone older had to walk to school uphill both ways through three feet of snow. This principle can be applied to new vehicles. In recent years the automotive industry has fully embraced technology features. When you’re looking for a new vehicle, you’ll have plenty of special features and new options to choose from, especially if you choose the 2018 Ford Flex.   Continue reading

2018 Ford Fusion technology

Red 2018 Ford Fusion on bridge

What technologies are available on the 2018 Ford Fusion? 

When most people are looking for a new vehicle, they’re looking for a vehicle with plenty of available technology features. Staying connected is one of the most important aspects of purchasing a new vehicle. Those looking for a sedan with a myriad of new features should look at the 2018 Ford Fusion.    Continue reading

Smartphone safety on the road

Man using a smart phone in the car

3 ways to safely use your phone in the car

It is dangerous to get behind the wheel of a car, especially now. Smartphones are an ever-present part of most driver’s days, and they don’t go away once you’re behind the wheel. While there are laws against texting and driving, it is still easy to quickly fire off a reply while you’re behind the wheel when no one is around.   Continue reading

Guide to Ford SYNC®

Phone connected in infotainment system

What are the benefits of Ford SYNC®

Vehicle entertainment has come a long way from AM/FM radios. It seems that every year there’s some new piece of technology that has become standard in new vehicles. Ford vehicles are no exception with Ford SYNC® being a standard part of most new models. By integrating your technology into the vehicle and using voice control, it is less likely that people will fall prey to the lure of distracted driving, which keeps the roads safer.  Continue reading

How does the Ford Hands Free Liftgate work?

How does the Ford Hands Free Liftgate work?

Automotive technology is always moving forward. While the obvious impact of this is the latest infotainment systems and driver awareness safety features, other areas have seen the impact of the latest developments as well. One of the most-interesting new technology features Ford has developed is the Hands Free Liftgate. So how does the Ford Hands Free Liftgate work? Check out this video to learn more. Continue reading

Ford EcoCruise Delivers a More Efficient Cruise Control Experience

Differences Between Ford EcoCruise and Normal Cruise Control

Differences Between Ford EcoCruise and Normal Cruise Control

It could be argued that one of the greatest innovations to ever be brought to the automobile was cruise control. It takes the stress out of long highway driving and offers a more relaxed experience. Plus, it may be able to help you conserve fuel in the process. But did you know your Ford vehicle may have something called EcoCruise to help maximize your efficiency even further? If not, you’ll likely want to know the difference between Ford EcoCruise and normal cruise control.

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You Will Be Able to Watch Live TV in the 2018 Ford Expedition

2018 Ford Expedition Infotainment Features and Capabilities

2018 Ford Expedition Infotainment Features and Capabilities

These days, infotainment features and technologies are important to have in a vehicle. With technology changing so much and so quickly, however, it can be tough for auto manufacturers to keep up. That clearly isn’t the case with Ford, however, as the 2018 Ford Expedition will be arriving with a number of infotainment features and capabilities to help launch it well into the future.

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Ford SmartLink Adds New Tech Features to 2010 – 2016 Models

What Can Ford SmartLink Do and How to Get It?

What Can Ford SmartLink Do and How to Get It?

In most cases, drivers must trade-in and trade-up in order to continue enjoying the latest automotive technologies. But, Ford has found a way that drivers of vehicles from the 2010 – 2016 model year can enjoy some of these tech convenience features without buying a new vehicle. It’s called SmartLink. What can Ford SmartLink do and how do you get it? That’s what we will take a look at here.

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