Check out the Adaptive Steering features in the Ford Super Duty and Edge

Check out the Adaptive Steering features in the Ford Super Duty and Edge

Ford is constantly working on new features that it feels will improve the experience we all have with its vehicles. We always get excited whenever we see a brand new feature included on a model or two. After all, you never know when an idea will take off and become the next big thing in the automotive world. The Ford Adaptive Steering Feature in the Ford Super Duty and Edge is one that we believe will take off.

What does Adaptive Steering do?What does Adaptive Steering do?

So what exactly does Adaptive Steering do? Basically, it adjusts the way your vehicle will turn depending on what your speed is. For instance: if you’re on the highway in the Ford Super Duty, then the steering wheel will become less sensitive. We think this is exceptionally useful when towing a heavy trailer behind the Super Duty, making sure you and your trailer don’t sway from side to side too much. Conversely, drivers at lower speeds won’t have to turn the wheel as far to achieve the same results. This leads to a very smooth driving experience, no matter which speed you’re driving at.

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Video of Adaptive Steering in the Ford Super Duty

What other work features are available on the Ford Super Duty?

The 2017 Ford Super Duty is incredibly capable, but not just because of its powerful engine. The Super Duty series of trucks also has available work features from Ford that make tackling even the toughest jobs easier. In addition to adaptive steering, you can also get things like a new camera system for the Super Duty, Six upfitter switches, rear seat storage and a flat load floor, and more. You can also equip the Super Duty with things like the trailer reverse guidance system or enjoy standard features like Trailer Sway Control

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What Ford vehicles will Adaptive Steering be featured in?

Right now Adaptive Steering is only available on the 2016 Ford Edge and 2017 Ford Super Duty — though we expect this to arrive on many more vehicles in the near future, especially other trucks like the F-150 or more SUVs.

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