How did the Gran Torino get its name?

Classic Gran Torino for sale Jacksonville NC

Classic Ford Gran Torino for sale near Jacksonville NC

There are a few vehicles around that make us excited to get behind the wheel, but the Gran Torino is one of those that makes us REALLY excited because of its classic style and iconic design. The Torino was manufactured between the years of 1968 and 1976. Its main market was drivers who want the look and feel of driving a sports car but they also want enough space to be able to fit cargo or multiple passengers.

The Gran Torino was named after the Italian city of Turin, which, according to some, is the equivalent of Detroit. The Torino was extremely popular for awhile and still is, actually, because there are a number of drivers who really enjoy its throaty engine and its clean lines. Often, if you find a classic Ford Gran Torino for sale near Jacksonville NC, drivers can count on a functional vehicle to get them around in style because they are a few different models to which the masses really took, including a four-door sedan and a two-door hardtop convertible. For drivers who want a little more oomph, the Gran Torino was also made with a larger 7L Cobra-Jet engine that made it a muscle car. And to really bring things full circle, it also comes in a station wagon model. When drivers think of the Torino and are looking for a speedy muscle car, the model year they are likely thinking of is the 1970 Torino.

It was redesigned for this year because it gave drivers a way to have a more sport vehicle for an affordable price. The new Torino featured a long hood that made it look sporty and sleek. The Gran Torino, featured in the movie “Gran Torino” (shocking, right?) has definitely made an impression on pop culture and society, and our vote is to keep it around as much as possible. What do you think, would you get buy a Gran Torino if you were able to find one for sale near Jacksonville NC?

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