Ford EcoCruise Delivers a More Efficient Cruise Control Experience

Differences Between Ford EcoCruise and Normal Cruise Control

Differences Between Ford EcoCruise and Normal Cruise Control

It could be argued that one of the greatest innovations to ever be brought to the automobile was cruise control. It takes the stress out of long highway driving and offers a more relaxed experience. Plus, it may be able to help you conserve fuel in the process. But did you know your Ford vehicle may have something called EcoCruise to help maximize your efficiency even further? If not, you’ll likely want to know the difference between Ford EcoCruise and normal cruise control.

As you probably well know, standard cruise control can be set to maintain your desired speed. It’s a great feature, but that’s about all it does. EcoCruise takes thing a little further by adjusting the way it operates to ensure you are getting the most out of the fuel in your car.

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Benefits of Ford EcoCruise

Like normal cruise control, EcoCruise can still maintain your desired speed on flat roadways. On the other hand, it differentiates itself when you apply the brake to slow down, and then set your cruise control to go back to your desired speed.

Whereas most cruise control systems will quickly speed up to reach that speed, EcoCruise does it gradually, saving energy. The same type of thing happens when climbing a hill. This provides a much more efficient driving experience.

How to Turn Off Ford EcoCruise

If you aren’t a fan of EcoCruise or just aren’t that interested in saving energy, no problem. The EcoCruise system can be turned off. To turn off EcoCruise, you can use the 5-way controls on your steering wheel to navigate your information display. Simply go to Settings, then Driver Assist, then EcoCruise and switch it to OFF. Once the system is turned off, your Ford will go back to using normal cruise control.

Now that you know the difference between Ford EcoCruise and normal cruise control, try out one of these vehicles for yourself at Sanders Ford. You can also contact us with any questions you might have.

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