Does Ford use recycled materials in its cars?

Does Ford use recycled materials in its cars?

Looking to go green with your next car purchase? Ford is a great place to start! Not only does the blue oval offer many fuel efficient and hybrid vehicles, but Ford also implements many different strategies to reduce its impact on the environment. One of these methods is by using recycled and biomaterials in its vehicles.

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How Ford reduces its environmental impact

Looking for specifics on how Ford is looking to reduce its environmental impact? Ford recently announced a partnership with Jose Cuervo to test the use of byproduct from the agave plant as a bioplastic. According to some initial assessments from Ford, it looks like the agave byproduct could one day soon find its way into a new Ford vehicle! The bioplastic from agave has both a good aesthetic and durability — and could even help reduce weight, thereby increasing fuel efficiency. See the video below for some more information!

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What biomaterials are in Ford cars?

There are currently eight sustainable-based materials that Ford uses in its new vehicles. The list includes: soy foam, castor oil, wheat straw, kenaf fiber, cellulose, wood, coconut fiber, and rice hulls. The use of these materials can not only impact the weight of the vehicle (there is an average of 400 lb of plastic in a car) but because many of these are also cost-efficient, you might see some savings in the final price tag.

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