Does the 2017 Ford Super Duty have a Trailer Camera?

Does the 2017 Ford Super Duty have a Trailer Camera?

The F-Series Super Duty lineup of trucks is among the toughest and most durable on the road today — if not the most. One of the main advantages they pose over other trucks is a massive towing capacity that will easily allow you to pull even the heaviest trailers. But pulling a large trailer comes with its own set of problems, even if your truck is capable of handling it. One of the main issues is having a safe amount of vision, which Ford has fixed by putting multiple Trailer Cameras in the 2017 Ford Super Duty.

How many cameras does the 2017 Ford Super Duty have?

Other trucks might come with the option to equip one or two cameras to it for more vision, but the 2017 Ford Super Duty goes above and beyond to allow you the most vision possible. In Total you’ll be able to use up to seven cameras on the Ford Super Duty — three of which work with the Trailer Reverse Guidance system. Here’s a list of where you can find cameras in the 2017 Ford Super Duty:

  • Tailgate Camera — Tracks your conventional trailer and assists when you back up
  • Two side-view cameras — These two shift to give you vision of the side of your trailer when it turns
  • Camera on the back of the trailer — You can attach this to your trailer to get perfect vision of what is behind you
  • Center high-mounted camera — Gives you a perfect bird’s-eye view to hook-up a gooseneck and fifth-wheel trailer

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How does Trailer Reverse Guidance work?

The video above does a great job of showing the value of the Trailer Reverse Guidance system, but we’ll jot down some of the basic details as well. It is one of 14 class-exclusive features on the Super Duty that gives you a complete view of what is around you. You can shift among the available cameras to what you currently need, and the screen even has colored indicators to let you know how much room you have.

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