Dynamic Torque Vectoring system in the 2015 Ford Fiesta ST

Torque vectoring in 2015 Ford Fiesta ST

The Fiesta ST is fun and fast.

One of the reasons buyers love the Ford ST lineup is that it’s fast. Not just your regular Ford Mustang fast, but faster. The ST lineup is a series of high performance vehicles that not only goes fast but also is quick, agile and surprisingly easy to handle. Drivers say they love the speed and ease of handling of the ST vehicles, and also how fun they are to drive.

Something unique about the 2015 ST lineup is the new dynamic torque vectoring system in the 2015 Ford Fiesta ST. The handling and agility make the vehicle feel like you’re driving an everyday racecar personally designed just for you.

The torque vectoring system is unique to the 2015 Ford Fiesta ST because it allows the vehicle to take corners at high speeds with extreme precision. This is fun for drivers because the vehicle is easy to handle no matter where the winding road ahead takes you.

How torque vectoring works is that it gives the differentials the option to give varying degrees of power to each wheel, meaning when you are taking a corner, each wheel can work individually of each other and the vehicle itself to stay balanced and working properly.

2015 Ford Fiesta ST Swansboro NC

The 2015 Ford Fiesta ST is made for performance.

There are other vehicles that have dynamic torque vectoring technology, include many luxury brands, but those brands aren’t nearly as affordable at vehicles produced by Ford.

Drivers who choose the Ford Fiesta ST over the Ford Focus RS will enjoy the hatchback and the extra space, but the overall idea that each wheel can receive an individualized amount of power to better control the vehicle’s overall performance stays.

The 2015 Ford Fiesta ST hums like an angel and drivers love its easygoing attitude and fierce rumblings when it takes off.

The 2015 Fiesta ST comes standard with a 1.6L EcoBoost engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. You can test it out today at Sanders Ford! Give us a call or stop by anytime!


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