Escape Rooms near Jacksonville, NC

Escape rooms near jacksonville NC text in front of a scary room

Fun things to do in Jacksonville, NC

Whether you’re looking for a team-building adventure or just something exciting and different to do, you can have a fun time at one of the many escape rooms near Jacksonville, NC. Escape rooms are a recent trend where 2-10 people are locked in a themed room and have to solve a series of puzzles to get out within a time constraint.  

The Exit Games 

At The Exit Games in Wilmington, NC, you can either escape from the Zodiac’s basement in The Basement or pull off a Casino Heist, where you’ll be tasked with breaking into the vault at a casino. Solve the puzzle within an hour to win!  

Cape Fear Escape Room 

You can choose between two different adventures at the Cape Fear Escape Room in Wilmington, NC. Travel through time and change the future in the Time Traveler, or visit the abandoned hideaway of Al Capone in Speakeasy.  

The Breakout Room 

If you find yourself in Wilmington, visit The Breakout Room. With three room options, there is sure to be that fits your interest and skill level. Travel through time in Kidnapped, where you have to escape a dark room and find your way back to the present, outsmart your extra-terrestrial captors in Alien Escape, or stop an inept criminal in Escape the Roxbury.  

Topsail Escape Room 

Take a break from the beach and hunt for treasure at Topsail Escape Room. Adventure on the high seas to find treasure abound in Pirate’s Plunder, or search for a missing gemstone as a detective in The Hopeful Diamond Heist.  

Game on Escape Rooms 

You’ll have two options when you visit Game on Escape Rooms in Morehead City, NC. Play as a team of thieves trying to steal from a billionaire in Cat Burglar or find the person behind the mysterious disappearances at Rest Easy Motel. A new room will be coming soon.   

Cracked it! 

Located in Jacksonville, NC, Cracked it! offers three immersive puzzle games for varying skill levels. Defcon-1 Red Alert challenges you to rebuild the life support systems of an old nuclear shelter, while you can search for the famous pirate Blackbeard in Queen Anne’s Revenge, or find antiquities when you solve In Search Of.  

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  1. What about the other escape room in Jacksonville, The Escape Trials. They are pretty awesome and their games are top notch. We’ve played several of the others you mentioned and they were great fun as well, but you’ve missed out if you haven’t visited The Escape Trials.

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