Estimate your Ford’s Fuel Efficiency

estimate your ford's fuel efficiency

How to Estimate your Ford’s Fuel Efficiency

In general, the estimates for fuel efficiency provided by Ford and the EPA are great tools for determining if a vehicle is right for you, or an approximation on what to expect when you bring it home. How you actually drive your car is going to have the biggest influence, however. If you’re the type who likes to budget and needs estimate your Ford’s fuel efficiency, have a look at our helpful tips and options!

calculate your MPGCalculate your Ford’s MPG

  • If your Ford is equipped with a trip odometer, then this is a very simple method to calculate your MPG based on your personal driving habits.
  • First, fill up your gas tank to full and reset your trip odometer
  • Drive around as you normally would for the next week or so, until your tank is at least half capacity
  • Fill your gas tank up and record how many gallons of gas you pumped into your car
  • Record the miles on your trip odometer since the last fill up
  • Calculate your mileage by dividing your miles driven by how many gallons you filled your car up with.
  • For example, if you drove 400 miles and filled up 12.4 gallons of gas, your fuel efficiency would be around 32.3 MPG.

Estimate your MPG with a Smartphone App

If the pen and paper method isn’t really your thing, there’s a number of great apps that will help do essentially the same thing on the Apple iOS store and Google Play store for Android devices. One benefit of going digital is not having to worry about losing the record of your work, and the ability to record fuel consumption on more than one vehicle.

Plus, it will do the math for you, and many offer great charts to look at how your MPG has changed over time — a useful feature for determining if there’s an issue with your car, or for mapping how you’ve improved your driving habits.

Want to check if you’re getting as much mileage from your Ford as you should be? Bring it to our service department and we’ll have a look at it! You should always keep an eye on our service coupons as well, for all the best money-saving deals.

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