Estimate your Trade-In Value in Jacksonville

estimate your trade-in value in jacksonville

For many, buying a new or used car means also trading one in. But how do you know you’re getting the best deal? There’s some online resources out there, like Kelly Blue Book, but the Black Book — the tool used by dealerships — is considered the most accurate by some. It’s what we use, and you can use it to estimate your trade-in value in Jacksonville.

Estimate your Trade-in Value with the Black Book

All you have to do to estimate your trade-in value is visit our site’s trade-in estimator page. You fill in the year, make and model, and then it will ask about its style, color, mileage, and your zip code. Then just tell us the approximate condition of the vehicle — and that’s it! After you fill out some brief personal information, we’ll send you an email with your personal trade-in appraisal.

When you bring in your car, and start looking at the options we have in our new car lot, as well as used deals, we’ll take a closer look and give you a precise answer about how much your trade-in value is.

Click Here to Estimate your Trade-In Value

calculate trade-in with black book

Certified Pre-Owned and Bargain Vehicles

Looking to get a really good deal? You’ve come to the right place! Our Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are low mileage, and covered by Ford’s warranty to give you better peace of mind. Many of our customers have likened our certified vehicles to new cars, but sold at used car prices. It’s a win-win! We also have a great selection of bargain vehicles that are perfect for first time drivers and students!

Estimate your Trade-in Value at Sanders Ford

Need an exact estimation? Bring your trade-in to our lot and we’ll let you know what it’s worth, and get you started on being a new vehicle. We’re here for more than just to sell you a car. We also offer routine maintenance and services needed to keep your new Ford vehicle running in perfect order.

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