Would You Sell Your Mustang for True Love?

What was is your first Mustang memory?

What was is your first Mustang memory?

Favorite Mustang Moments

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang, Ford has been posting pictures and videos with the hashtag: #InAMustang. Ford wants drivers to share their stories and pictures of how the Mustang has been a part of their lives. Ford has made some pretty compelling and sweet videos about the Mustang. Some vehicles are are just cars, they are memories and moments that we’ll never forget. Join Ford in sharing your favorite Mustang moments.

When you love something it's hard to let it go.

When you love something it’s hard to let it go.

The newest Mustang video is a love story told in two minutes. A young boy, named Adin helps his father fix up a 1965 Mustang. By the time is is looking good as new, the boy is now a man and decides to sell it in order to afford to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring. Then in present day, his now wife buys him a 2015 Mustang for their anniversary. It’s a sweet heartfelt story about love.

The new Mustang is great edition to the history of Ford.

The new Mustang is great edition to the history of Ford.

Ford wants all of their cars to be part of such special moments. The new 2015 Mustang is the perfect edition to the Ford family.The 2015 Ford Mustang has three engine types to choose from. It is also wider than previous models but still lightweight. It only weighs six pounds more than the lightest Mustang from 2014. Ford wanted to keep the cost down as much as possible so that it can still be an affordable car.

It’s an exciting time for the Ford Mustang. The 50th anniversary celebrations continue all year long ending with the 2015 Mustang entering showrooms. Ford has made a series of these videos about people’s personal history with the Mustang. This particular story begs the question: What would you be willing to give your Mustang up for? Hopefully you never have to, and if don’t have one yet come to Sanders Ford and schedule a test drive! There’s nothing better than driving a Mustang for the first time. Check out Adin and Olivia’s story below.

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