Financing deals on 2015 Ford Vehicles in Jacksonville NC

Financing deals on 2015 Ford Vehicles in Jacksonville NC

If you’re trying to save on a new vehicle and don’t mind buying a 2015 model year, then now is the time to shop at Sanders Ford in Jacksonville NC! We need to make room at our dealership for more 2016 and 2017 model year Ford vehicles, and are offering discounts along with special finding deals on 2015 Ford vehicles in Jacksonville NC at our dealership!

Financing Deals on New Fords in Jacksonville NC

Now at Sanders Ford we are offering zero percent APR financing for 72 months on every 2015 Ford vehicle we have. In addition to the financing deals, you will also get $1,000 in bonus cash on select Ford cars and SUVs. Because you’re looking at a 2015 model year Ford, you can also get it for several thousand off of the MSRP — even though it’s a brand new vehicle! We have popular cars like the Ford Focus and hard working trucks like the Ford F-150 — all available at amazing deals!

Member of the Military? You get an additional discount at Sanders Ford!

Financing deals on 2015 Ford Vehicles in Jacksonville NC

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Low Mileage Specials in Jacksonville NC

Looking for a lightly used vehicle? It doesn’t get much newer than what we have to offer under our low mileage specials category at Sanders Ford. Some vehicles that put on sale there have seen less than a few hundred miles of road! As of the time of this blog’s publication, the most mileage on one of these specials is still less than 7,000 total miles driven. This along with the financing deals on 2015 new Fords is another great way to save by shopping at Sanders Ford!

Ford Incentives at Sanders Ford

Looking for other deals available at Sanders Ford in Jacksonville NC? You can go to our Ford lease and finance offers page to view the latest deals being offered by Ford on new cars, trucks, SUVs and vans.

New Ford Inventory in Jacksonville NC

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