“Piece of the pie”: Ford works toward developing self-driving pizza delivery vehicles

2018 Ford Fusion backing into a parking spot

Ford and Domino’s partner to test autonomous pizza delivery 

Most vehicle manufacturers are looking to develop fully autonomous vehicles. Ford has recently been working toward a new use for autonomous vehicles by partnering with Domino’s. This partnership is going to work toward developing a usable autonomous vehicle that can deliver a pizza with no one in the driver’s seat.  

Ford has been working toward developing autonomous vehicles for commercial ventures by 2021 and is currently testing how people react to an autonomous vehicle. The custom Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Research vehicle will actually be driven by a Ford engineer, and the test will focus on the reaction to a change in how the pizza is delivered. As the vehicles won’t have a driver, customers will have to go to the vehicle to retrieve their food, using a unique code to access the pizza.  

It may take some time before driverless pizza delivery is a common occurrence. Testing is currently focused in Michigan, and may in time become a normal aspect of life. Ford is focusing on making autonomous vehicles available to ride-sharing and delivery companies.  

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2018 Ford Fusion Safety Features 

The 2018 Ford Fusion has many advanced safety features, like Blind-spot monitoring

While the 2018 Ford Fusion won’t be autonomous, there are plenty of features that can help make driving easier. Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection alerts you to any potential collisions and will take preventive actions if there is no response. Inching closer to autonomous driving is the available enhanced active park assist can essentially park your 2018 Ford Fusion by itself. All you have to do is work the shifter, brakes and gas pedal. There are plenty of other available advanced safety features, like a lane-keeping system, cross-traffic alerts, and adaptive cruise control.  

You can learn more about the features on the 2018 Ford Fusion by contacting Sanders Ford, or by visiting the dealership to view the inventory. Stay up-to-date on all of the new technology features and other Ford information by visiting the Sanders Ford blog 

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