Take a look at the new Ford Co-Pilot360™ system

2019 Ford Edge ST driving down a street with trees

Ford Co-Pilot360™ announced as standard on new 2019 Ford models 

Many drivers on the road are tempted by distractions. Whether you’re trying to change the music or your mind is just wandering, there are plenty of ways that distracted driving can go wrong. With all of the distractions on the road, it’s no wonder that new vehicles are being equipped with a plethora of advanced driver safety technologies. If you’re looking for a well-equipped vehicle that can help keep you safe on the road, you’ll want to consider a new Ford vehicle.  

When 2019 Ford models start showing up at dealerships, drivers will be able to utilize the new Ford Co-Pilot360™ suite, which will be the most advanced standard safety system of the full-line brands. When you choose a new Ford vehicle, like the 2019 Ford Edge or the 2019 Ford Fusion, you’ll be among the first drivers to experience these technologies on even the lowest trim level.  

Ford Co-Pilot360 first look with graphic describing features of the new system

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Driver assistance features on Ford Co-Pilot360™ 

If you’re looking for a vehicle that is chock-full of advanced safety features, you’ll likely want a model with Ford Co-Pilot360™. Ford Co-Pilot360™ includes automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, a lane keeping system, auto high beams, and a reverse camera system. While all of these features are spectacular, the feature that sets Ford Co-Pilot360™ above the rest is the standard blind spot information system with cross traffic alert, something that you wouldn’t be able to find as a standard feature on any other non-luxury vehicle.  

While you won’t be able to buy a vehicle that is equipped with these features as standard until the 2019 Ford Edge is released in fall, you can test the systems out at Sanders Ford. Many of these advanced safety features are available on different vehicles like the 2018 Ford Escape, so drivers are able to get a feel for them before getting behind the wheel of their brand-new vehicle. To learn more about the available features of new Ford models, visit the Sanders Ford Blog 

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