Ford F-150 Corn Maze

ford f-150 corn maze

One of the things that we enjoy about selling Ford vehicles is the sense of community there is with their owners. It’s not uncommon to find those who refer to themselves as a “Ford family” or even a “multi-generation Ford family.” It’s also great to see what these people are occasionally inspired to do, just like a family in Ohio that created a giant Ford F-150 Corn Maze.

Take a look at this Giant Ford F-150 Corn Maze

The maze is located on Leaders Farms near Napoleon, Ohio, and takes up a total of seven acres. For those wondering, it wouldn’t be unheard of for the maze to take up to an hour to complete — that’s a big maze!

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The design cut into it depicts the newly redesigned, all-new Ford F-150. Obviously, this was no small task. Planning and designing for this kind of thing is basically a year-round activity, and the family there used GPS tech to make sure they were cutting the truck design perfectly to shape. This farm is no stranger to Ford trucks, though, as you can see them launch pumpkins from a huge pumpkin cannon on the back of a Ford F-450 Super Duty in the video below!

About the Ford F-150

There’s a ton of different things that can catch your eye when it comes to the Ford F-150. For some it’s the striking design that balances rugged and modern sensibilities. For others, it can be the fact that the F-150 uses a military grade aluminum to for its body material. This keeps efficiency and power at record highs for the pickup — plus you don’t have to worry about body rust!

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Has a Ford vehicle ever inspired you to do something creative, like design a huge corn maze? Let us know!

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