Ford Flex leads the way in dynamic SUVs

Ford Flex is one of the most unique SUVs

The Ford Flex is unique and fun.

Ford Flex is one of the most unique SUVs

The Ford Flex is one of those vehicles that you either love or you hate. The funny thing is that it really isn’t that much different from other SUVs, except the fact that it has a flat top. It is one of the only vehicles to combine the versatility of a crossover with the driving dynamics of a car. Its flat roof also makes it easy to carry cargo like surfboards, which is a huge benefit to those drivers near a beach.

The Ford Flex is one of the most unique SUVs out there with its iconic shape and design, and it is definitely one to snatch up if you have any interest! For the new 2015 model year, there were no major changes, but that isn’t a bad thing because you don’t fix what isn’t broken, right?

The Flex features an extremely spacious interior that is unmatched by many other vehicles in its class. It also provides a very solid, sturdy drive that drivers love because no matter where they are going, they always feel like they are on solid ground.

Drivers have often found that the Flex is easier and even more fun to drive than many other vehicles, even other crossover SUVs because of its powerful performance and smooth ride. It features an EcoBoost engine that not only saves on fuel economy but also provides more power than you’d imagine.

The 2015 Ford Flex can fit up to seven people and passengers are often pleased by how comfortable the vehicle is! It is also full of available high-tech features such as a multi panel vista roof, climate control, heated power mirrors, a rear view backup camera, a navigation system, intelligent all-wheel drive, a blind spot monitoring system, adaptive cruise control, rain-sensing windshield wipers, active parking assistance, Ford MyKey and a push-button start engine.

Check out the Flex for yourself today and see just how much this vehicle surprises you.

Ford Flex is one of the most unique SUVs

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