Driving Modes on the Ford GT’s Digital Instrument Cluster

Ford GT Digital Instrument Cluster Features

Ford GT Digital Instrument Cluster Features

Few of us will ever actually get the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Ford GT, let alone take one home. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t admire the vehicle from afar. And that is exactly what we are doing here today by looking at the Ford GT’s digital instrument cluster features.

It comes as no surprise that Ford is making the new GT ultra-modern, and this includes the instrument cluster. Gone are the days of analog gauges. These days, everything is digital, and it looks great on its 10-inch display.

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How Does the Ford GT Digital Instrument Cluster Work 

Digital instrument clusters are not unique to the Ford GT. They’ve been around for a little while, basically displaying many of the same important vehicle details that a normal instrument cluster would display, only made clear and visually appealing on a digital display.

The GT stands out, however, by automatically determining which vehicle information is most important to display and when it should be presented to the driver. It does this through multiple driving modes.

Normal Mode: This is for normal city or highway driving, and the display will make the speedometer more prominent on the display.

Wet Mode: Though similar to the Normal Mode, Wet Mode will display reminders of the wet roadway conditions.

Sport Mode: When you want to drive sporty, the instrument cluster will display the gear selection more prominently than before.

Track Mode: The highlight displays on the Track Mode are the tachometer and the gear shift selection.

V-Max: This unique mode is for achieving the top speed on the car, and because of this it will highlight the speedometer while minimizing the tachometer.

Here is everything you need to know about the Ford GT 

The Ford GT’s digital instrument cluster features are pretty exciting stuff and has us itching to get behind the wheel of the GT. We hope you all get a chance to drive one some day, but until then, feel free to contact us at Sanders Ford to learn more about it or any of our other Ford vehicles.

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