Military Families Love Ford

Military families love Ford!

Ford has the Best Selling Brand Among American Military Families

A recent study done by Polk vehicle registrations sampled 19.3 million households that include active, retired, or veteran military personnel. They found that Ford was the most popular choice in these households. Three Ford vehicles made the top ten. Thanks to their efficiency, capability and smart technology, Ford has the best selling brand among American military families. Here at Sanders Ford we are proud to be part of such a great company that supports our troops and provides quality vehicles.

One of the many reasons Ford is so popular with military families is due to their vehicle durability. The Ford F-150 truck is one of these best selling vehicles and it’s easy to see why. It’s tough with incredible towing capacities. If you need to haul something this vehicle can do it. Another popular model is the Ford Escape. The Escape is a crossover SUV that is great for families and traveling. It can fit what you need and get you on the go in no time.

fordescapeMilitary families also support Ford, because the company supports them. Even back when Henry Ford was still running the company, the Ford Motor Company gave back to the troops through charitable engagements, training and employment. Just this year Sanders Ford announced a program where they will donate $50 to the military for every Ford vehicle vehicle sold from Memorial Day to Veterans Day. Ford also has one of the best military discounts available. Ford also employs more than 5,900 U.S. veterans and since 1974 Ford has provided more than $8 million to veterans organizations. A company like this that supports the military, receives support in return.

Here are Sanders Ford we couldn’t be happier to be part of such a community driven company. We strive to sell great vehicles and support our military in the process. Schedule a test drive today and see why these vehicles are so popular and be part of the cause. Whether you need a vehicle for every day hauling or something to haul the kids around, Sanders Ford has the vehicle for you!

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