Is the Ford Mondeo available in Jacksonville NC? Not exactly as you would expect…

Ford Fusion Ford Mondeo comparison

The Ford Fusion is the American version of the Ford Mondeo, which is one of the most popular models in Europe.

Ford Mondeo in Jacksonville NC

Whether you are in the U.S. or abroad, we can almost guarantee that Ford has a presence in your community, even if it is slight. This is because there are so many makes and models that are great for everyday life around the world, and also because Ford innovators take the time and energy to design and create vehicles that fit their customers’ lifestyles with ease.

There is a wide variety of ford vehicles available in the U.S., and include an array of body and engine styles, including a hatchback car, an SUV, a crossover and even a pickup.

However, depending on where you are in the world can determine what Ford models you will find on the streets and for sale at dealerships. For example, there are only certain models and trim levels of the Ford Mustang sold in the U.S., and there are certain sedan models that are available in Europe that aren’t in the U.S. There will never be a Ford Mondeo in Jacksonville NC, however the Mondeo is actually just Europe’s version of the Fusion. So… you kind of can see the Ford Mondeo in Jacksonville NC.

Even though the Ford Mondeo isn’t sold in the U.S., it is extremely significant to sales in Europe, and could also signify an interesting trend in the European automotive market. Sales of the Mondeo have risen 55 percent for the new version of the Mondeo, and overall Ford sales in Europe rose 16 percent.

What is interesting about this, though, is that traditionally European drivers opted for small, compact hatchbacks or coupes, and even Smart Cars, but the Mondeo/Fusion popularity shows us that drivers are potentially opting for a larger, more inclusive sedan.

This also shows that the economy is coming back. Instead of choosing small luxury vehicles, Europeans are opting for a larger, more feature-riddled economy car that costs less at the base level but can be amped up and customized for a lot less than what you would get for the same price of a luxury vehicle.

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